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The Great Falls of Paterson, New Jersey

photograph courtesy of Bob Kozma,
Production Manager Tablecloth Company, Inc.


During the late 19th century and early 20th century Paterson was known as the "Silk City" of the world. At that time, approximately 121 firms in Paterson, involved in every facet of manufacturing the silk product, employed thousands of workers in their mills. On seven acres below the Great Falls and along the Passaic River, is an area called the Allied Textile Printing (ATP) site, where the Colt Gun Mill was located and where textiles were produced continuously for 200 years. John Ryle produced the nation's first skein of silk here. The Jacquard loom, which was brought to Paterson in the early 1870's, gave a boost to the silk industry. This type of loom enabled the weaving of intricate patterns in fabrics, ribbons, and military ceremonial attire.


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