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PVC Easy-care Placemats. Use indoors or outdoors!

Coral Reef 100% Polyester Print Placemat

Wedge-shaped placemat in Cottunique® Royal.

Arcadia faux burlap placemats. Placemat on top shows inverted hem finish and the bottom placemat has a merrowed edge.

Placemats with inverted hem finish and double needle stitching.

Wedge-shaped placemats are perfect to be use on a round table. Photo shows Cottunique Royal wedge-shaped placemats with a Cottunique White tablecloth and Polycheck Royal and Lemon napkins.

Placemats-Cottunique® Maroon Square Corner and Chelsea Mitered Corner with merrowed finish

Placemats are available with two finishes—merrowed and inverted hemmed. We also offer three shapes—square corners, mitered corners and wedge-shaped for round tables. Placemats have three layers: top fabric, heat-sensitive stiffener and bottom fabric. After repeated washings, placemats will require pressing to re-bond the interfacing adhesive. The inverted hem finish is very durable and is specially designed for use requiring frequent laundering such as a health care facility. Placemats are sold by the full dozen.

We can manufacture placemats from any of the fabrics listed below.