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Can You Cover This?

piano cover.jpgCan you cover this? That is a question I am asked all the time! Our company sells tablecloths and napkins every day, but we also do receive interesting requests that test our “engineering” skills. Here at Tablecloth Company, we have made covers for everything from a bus unveiling to a grand piano. Consider us your specialty cover source.

garbage-can-cover_0.gifDo you have unsightly garbage cans at your event venue? Consider buying covers for them. You could choose a black fabric to make the trash cans “disappear” or try a theme print to add to the fun! Either way, you could change the appearance of your room for a very small investment.

cambro cover.jpgCambro or Carlisle beverage containers can look very institutional. We make covers for them too. Get creative and color code the covers to reflect the drink contents (white for milk, brown for coffee) or match the covers to your table linens. The choice is up to you.

ceiling mounted table.jpgHave you ever seen these unique tables that are connected to the ceiling like these? This new trend is spreading to schools and multi-purpose rooms across the country. We were hired to create covers for this special style of table with a cut out for the center stanchion and a slit with snaps to allow easy removal.

tray stand cover with slit.jpgTray stands are used in most catering facilities and restaurants. We can make covers for them to conceal the underneath shelf. Our factory has also manufactured tray stand covers, also called tray jack covers, with a slit in the top. Our client placed a container underneath for soiled laundry. The wait staff could drop dirty napkins into the hidden bucket underneath without walking all the way back to the kitchen. In the food service business saving steps makes all the difference in efficiently assisting your customers.

tented ceiling.jpg
Wedding and hospitality tents require specialty covers as well. Our Tablecloth Company staff will help design specialty covers for weight barrels, tent poles, and drape for the ceiling. We aim to please! Just call us with the dimensions and we will work it out for you.

Think of us as your personal design center and fabric workroom!