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Color Names

What’s in a name? A color name that is. Anyone involved in an industry that is color-sensitive knows that one woman’s sage is another man’s willow. What I mean is that the name of a color is not a definition.

Here at Tablecloth Company we are currently receiving daily requests for blush tablecloths or rose gold tablecloths. A bride or caterer happens upon a perfect photo on Pinterest® that catches their eye with one of those color names and “Boom!” they now have to have it. While our color names might differ, the color family is the same. We may call it peach, porcelain, coral, or light pink, but our table linens will complete the event decorator’s vision. Of course, convincing a nervous bride that peach is the same as blush is a different story. That is why we send out swatches of the actual fabric for our customers to see. There is no way a digital image on a computer monitor or phone will convey the slight nuances between these colors. In this case, it is a swatch that is worth a thousand words, not a picture.

Every year, Pantone, the color-matching standard for the print industry, chooses a “Color of the Year.” More often than not, within a year or so, this color finds a certain amount of popularity in the event décor/wedding industry. This year’s color is ultra violet. It is a deep, but bright shade of purple. Pantone describes it as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade.” Some folks will take this recommendation literally and try to get a perfect match. Other customers will go with whatever purple tones we can provide, which range from a light lavender or lilac to a rich deep eggplant color. In 2016, there were actually two colors of the year--rose quartz and serenity. Rose quartz is a very similar shade to what most people would call blush, which has been gracing wedding venues for the past year. Pantone describes serenity as a “cool tranquil blue” similar to a slate blue. Just as we should expect, our inquiries for slate blue tablecloths have increased over the past six months. Popular bridesmaid dress suppliers such as Bill Levkoff, David’s Bridal and Kennedy Blue all have slate blue dresses featured in their lines. Ahh, the power of Pantone’s “Color of the Year”.