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How to Make a Template

If your table is round, square or rectangular, our cutting crew can easily manufacture the correct shape tablecloth for you. However, what happens if you have an odd-shaped table? Maybe it is an oval, boat-shaped, serpentine or even a triangular table. To have your tablecloth fit properly, we would require a full-size template of the table top. What’s the best way to create a template?

The easiest method is with kraft paper. kraft paper.jpgLay the kraft paper on the table and mark the table’s edge all the way around with a pencil, crayon or marker. It is always best to send the marked template to us without cutting it out. Once we receive the template, we will use it as a pattern and add your desired drop all the way around. If you don’t have wide kraft paper available, there are many other items that you can use. Sometimes an old bed sheet or even an old tablecloth you no longer use will do the trick. Another option, if you are handy with scissors and tape, would be to tape together newspaper pages or even pieces of wrapping paper to use for the pattern. If tracing only one-half of the table, as shown in the diagram above, always label the midline on the template. However, a full template is always best, since it can be difficult sometimes to determine the precise midline.

table shapes.JPG