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Laundry Perils

It often surprises me when a customer calls regarding “ruined” tablecloths in the laundry. For some reason, there is a misconception that washing tablecloths is different than washing clothing—a necessary part of all of our lives. Would we throw our new dark washed jeans, a white silk blouse and a pink terrycloth robe together in one load using hot water, bleach and strong detergent and expect all will be well? No . . .

So when you are washing tablecloths, the rules are the same:

  • Pre-treat all stains. (Make sure that the pre-treatment product is appropriate for the fabric color and type).
  • Separate the loads based on the fabric color and type.
  • Choose the appropriate washing and drying cycle.
  • Match the water and drying temperatures to the cloths being laundered.
  • Do not let the items sit in in the washer or dryer once the cycle has finished. Remove and fold them promptly.

When you follow these simple steps, your tablecloths will last and last.