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Placemats--Not Just A Place To Put Your Plates

Express yourself
Placemats: Not just a place to put your plates.

On my kitchen table, I have a plain tablecloth with a color coordinated runner. On my windows, perfectly coordinated curtains and valances. It’s lovely.

What it says about me? I appreciate complementary colors and coordinated fabrics.

What is it not? Inspired.

I have made this statement at least a hundred times while on the phone with customers:

  • Your linen choices are aesthetic, which by default means they are subjective.
  • What appeals to you may not appeal to me. And that is ok.
  • What do you want them to say?
  • What feel are you looking for?
  • What environment are you trying to create?

Your home, décor, tables, wall art do not have to look like everybody else’s. So, why should your table linens?

Let’s throw a little fun into the average-everyday. Expect the unexpected.

Put out that plain solid-colored tablecloth on your dining room, kitchen table or outdoor table. Instead of white or ivory, try lemon, raspberry, aqua or black. Then put out placemats in a funky color or even better, a print. If you like birds try “Birds & Butterflies”. Maybe you have a koi pond or feature a fish tank in your home try “Coral Reef”. Perhaps you want to celebrate Mardi Gras, how about “Harlequin”?

fashion-prints-birds-and-butterflies.jpg polyester-prints-coral-reef.jpg poly-cotton-prints-harlequin-triumph.jpg
Birds & Butterflies Coral Reef Harlequin

Other fun options for unique placemats

Over an aqua, coral or peach cloth -

polyester-prints-gulf-winds.jpg polyester-prints-orchid.jpg polyester-prints-hydrangea-coral.jpg
Gulf Winds Orchid Hydrangea Coral

Over a Blue, green, or neutral-colored cloth:

polyester-prints-peacock.jpg polyester-prints-voyager1.jpg
Peacock Voyager

Seasons/Holidays -

polyester-prints-autum-watercolor.jpg polyester-prints-ppoinsettia.jpg fashion-prints-halloween.jpg
Autumn Watercolor Poinsettia Halloween

Whatever you choose. Enjoy it. Have fun with it!