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Protect Your Investment

Tablepad Fabric

Protect Your Investment
As time goes on, wooden table tops, with or without a metal edge, become worn and rough. This can wreak havoc on your table linens. Even the new plastic-top tables can have rough spots that will put pull threads in linens. A great way to protect your tablecloth investment is to use our tablepad fabric underneath. In addition to protecting your linens, tablepads can also prolong the useful life of your tables by covering up surface blemishes.
Our tablepad fabric is a double-thick felt that is machine washable. The fabric is cut to size to either just cover the table top or hang down on the sides as well.

large_tablepad elastic cap.jpg

Additionally, we can elasticize all the way around for rounds and ovals or add elastic in the corners for squares and rectangles to keep the tablepad in place. Tablepads serve many purposes including muffling sounds of banging plates and utensils, creating a smooth surface under your cloths and preventing the table from showing through less opaque tablecloths.