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Runners-The Perfect Exclamation Point!

A ballroom full of white tablecloths can come alive with the simple addition of table runners. Large overlays and toppers are often used to accent a design scheme, but many times a runner can have the same impact for less of an investment. This can be an especially useful tool when an elaborate fabric is chosen for an event. There is no need to overdo the décor with all of the tables in the same ornate fabric. The featured tables may be adorned to the floor with a special material; however accompanying tables can use the same fabric in a runner to tie the room together. Featured here is a sweetheart table with Allure Ribbon Rose to the floor. Guest tables were accented with an Allure runner under the centerpieces.

sweetheart table.jpg

runner with lantern.jpg

Runners can be used for any event--from a casual picnic to a black tie wedding. Table runners are usually used with a cloth underneath. Tables may have one runner down the center, but a unique look would be to include two runners in a crisscross pattern. Shown here are two Highlander Pastel runners over a Cottunique® lemon tablecloth.


For a sleek, contemporary look, you may try to use runners alone, with no undercloth at all. When put on a table horizontally, runners can double as a placemat. This image shows wide Chevron Charcoal runners placed across a wood table to highlight the table settings.

chevron runner full.jpg
chevron runner close.jpg

Restaurants, catering halls, rental companies and even private homes, do not have unlimited linen storage. Runners and napkins take up less space and therefore allow you to keep a wider selection to choose from to accent for the holidays or special events. Schools and municipalities can use runners to incorporate their school/town colors without investing in full size cloths for every event. It is great to start with white, ivory and black undercloths. Then just add runners and maybe some napkins to complete your look!

So, whether you are decorating your own dining room, a restaurant or the municipal senior center, you can keep up with the seasons. With Halloween around the corner, we would suggest orange runners and napkins with a black undercloth. Then in November, why not try a nice autumn print over an ivory tablecloth? The fall print can be used for the whole month until you need to switch over for the winter holiday season. Changing out the linens is a great way to breathe some fresh air into your event space.