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Seeing Is Believing

Seeing is believing
Did you ever notice that some people have the ability to visualize anything in their minds and some just don’t? You may have a friend or a co-worker who has a creative mind. Just by closing their eyes they can tell what your office would look like with a new paint color or new carpeting. On the other hand, many of us need to see exactly what an entire setup will look like before making a decision.

The internet is a great tool for those that struggle with visualization. You can find an image of almost anything you want on line. Clothing sites show outfits in a variety of colors. Pinterest is another wonderful resource when you are trying to design a particular look. Additionally, the paint visualizing apps that are available right now from various paint companies are incredibly helpful when you need to see how different colors blend together. Whether planning a wedding, choosing your color scheme for your store, designing a clothing line or choosing your next manicure, color plays an important role in the decision.

Tablecloth Company shows as many linen selections as possible on our website. We know that people tend to buy what they see. When we show a particular combination of table linens on our site, more often than not, customers call and say they want the exact look shown on line.
However, the internet can also sabotage the color choosing process as well. The same image can look completely different based on your computer monitor. Remember the famed dress that caused a social media frenzy? Is it white/gold or Blue/black? The method of color-matching using digital images is not reliable, especially when it comes to fabric.

The bottom line is that there is no substitute for holding a genuine piece of fabric (preferably larger than 1”x1”) in your hand, walking to the actual room with the correct lighting and seeing how it all looks together with your own eyes. We send out hundreds of swatches every week just to make sure our customers are happy with their color choice before their cloths are made to order.