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Stage Skirting

stage skirting

Stage Skirting

If you have attended a wedding, charity dinner or even your child’s sports awards celebration, you are familiar with table skirting used at banquet facilities for buffet tables. However, skirting is not exclusive to tables. It can also be used to cover the bottom of stages. Stage Skirting.jpg

Portable stages appear at trade shows, schools, municipal events, and festivals. By the simple addition of skirting, the stage instantly looks much more professional and tidy. No one wants to see the fretwork or unavoidable dust balls underneath a stage. Covering up this area also allows the event planners to store items like brochures and shipping cartons underneath the stage. Stage skirting also works wonders to hide audio and electrical wiring. In a few minutes, with the help of Velcro-style hook and loop fasteners, the skirting can easily be attached to the stage and “Voila!” you are set up for a spectacular event.

Podium cover suede charcoal-crop rs smaller.jpgTraditionally stage skirts are black. However, think of how special the graduation stage would look if the skirts were made using fabric in your school colors. A coordinating podium cover would be the finishing touch. Schools use these stages for many events throughout the year. As each event comes up on the calendar, a different department rents skirting for its particular needs. All of these rental fees can really add up. If the school or municipality purchases skirting, to be used again and again, the savings is substantial.

parade float.jpgHave you been elected to decorate the town’s parade floats? Why not upgrade from the disposable plastic fringe decoration on the bottom of the float to fabric table skirting? Fabric table skirting is attached with Velcro. When the parade is over, the skirting can be removed, laundered and stored for the following year.

Stage skirting can also be used to layer over floor length skirting to create a seasonal accent. Special clips slip over the plain skirt to allow you to attach the stage skirt on top. Once again, this could be a money saver. By purchasing holiday print stage skirts, you would be able to change the look of your white or black full length skirts that you already have on hand.
liberty valance-rs.jpg

Since skirting is usually cut to order, you may purchase any size you need. From a tiny section for the riser of a portable stair case, to a ten-foot-tall trade-show booth backdrop, portable stage sections can be covered with skirting. Accurate measuring is the key to getting exactly what you need.