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Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes we get in a rut when it comes to decorating for holiday events. Red or green for Christmas, pumpkins for Halloween, and pastels for Easter--these are the go-to colors. But, by using your imagination, you can achieve a distinctive look that will shake things up. Take a look at this unique Halloween tablescape. By layering a traditional summertime black and white Awning Stripe over a Plum Polyester tablecloth, you’ll have your clients screaming “Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!” before you know it. Other unexpected looks for Halloween might incorporate Black and White Polycheck, Lime Green Polyester or even Black and White Polka Dots.

Halloween vignette 2017-crop.jpg

polycheck-black.jpg polyester-lime.jpg polyester-prints-white-circles.jpg

For the Christmas holidays, there is no reason to stick with reds and greens. Pale blues and aqua shades make a real fashion statement, especially when mixed with silver metallic accents. By branching out when choosing holiday event décor, you can use the same setup for the entire winter season instead of just the weeks leading up to Christmas. Our Swirling Snowflakes and Winter Wonderland patterns are perfect for Christmas or Hanukah, but either of these versatile prints may be used right through January and February.

blue silver holiday candles.jpg polyester-prints-swirling-snowflakes.jpg fashion-prints-winter-wonderland.jpg

Although the majority of Easter table settings are pastel-themed like our photo below featuring Highlander Pastel runners over Lemon Cottunique®, a darker color tablecloth could be used as well. For example, use a navy blue tablecloth and then accent with pastel color runners and napkins. The navy blue serves as the canvas for the decorations.

IMG_6309a.jpg navy and peach cropped_0.jpg

Don’t forget to look past the table linens too! Go in a totally different direction and use décor items from a different season to create a departure from the norm. Check out these pastel painted pinecones! Even though pinecones are normally used for winter holidays, these adorable pinecones work perfectly for Easter or any spring event when painted using these colors. I have recently seen tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to marbleize pumpkins using nail polish. The result is absolutely stunning and unique. When Christmas is over, no need to put away the tree-just convert the decorations for the next holiday like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day! Keep the celebrations going!

pastel pinecones.jpg marbleized pumpkin.jpg valentines tree ornament.jpg st pats tree.jpg