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Bistro Napkins


Bistro Napkins

This new napkin product is all the rage in dining venues across the country. Also perfect for rustic barn weddings! Bistro is only available in napkins.

Washing Instructions

Warm/Hot Water Wash
  • Warm to hot water wash (less than 140º).
  • Use a gradual cool-down or split rinse.
  • Use bleach on white only. It can cause fading or color change.
  • Use mild detergent only. Avoid high alkaline level.
  • Avoid fabric softeners.
  • Keep extraction time short (30-60 seconds) to minimize wrinkles.
  • Do not overload dryer.
  • Drying temperature should not exceed 140º.
  • Do not over-dry, only 10-20 minutes.
  • To avoid wrinkles, remove while still slightly damp and warm. Pat flat and fold promptly.