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How to calculate cloth size

To determine the size of your cloth you need to know:

  • The dimensions of your table
  • The desired drop:

10″-12" to lap level

15" for standard banquet tables

29"-30" to the floor

Once you have these dimensions, to determine the tablecloth size,
add the drop X 2 to each dimension of your table.

Example: Table size is 30"x72"; desired drop is 12"

12" (drop size) X 2=24"

Add 30" + 24"= 54"

Add 72" + 24"= 96"

CLOTH SIZE= 54" X 96"


rounded corners.JPG
A few things to remember, if a square or rectangular (also called oblong) tablecloth has a drop to the floor, you will need to order with rounded corners, otherwise, the corners will drag on the floor.

standard oval.JPG
When ordering an oval shaped tablecloth, our standard oval is shaped like a racetrack. This is a table with flat sides and semi-circular ends. It is also referred to as a capsule shape. A round table with leaves added in the center would be considered a racetrack/capsule-shaped oval. If your oval is more "egg-shaped" and you need the drop to be exact, you would need to send a template of the tabletop for us to use as a pattern.

round table.JPG
Round tables are measured by their diameter.
Some standard sizes include 60" rounds, 72" rounds.

120" round tablecloths go to the floor on 60" round tables.
132" round tablecloths go to the floor on 72" round tables.
How to calculate tablecloth drop for a round table