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Elegant Halloween Table Decor

Looking for the hottest and most elegant Halloween table decorations? Whether you’re putting on a haunted house or hosting a mellow Halloween party for a few friends, our tabletop decor is sure to elicit a scream or two of delight.

Halloween Tablecloths

Nothing sets off your amazing Halloween table settings like the perfect tablecloth. Your pumpkin centerpiece and a personalized Halloween ghost tea light candle holder will look freakishly awesome atop one of our spider webs tablecloths. Or our retro skulls and flowers tablecloths. Or…any of them, really—they’re all to die for.  

Whether your taste runs to the ghastly or more toward orange pumpkin floral arrangements, you’ll find a Halloween tablecloth to match.

For an outdoor Halloween spread, our polyester outdoor tablecloths will weather the fall elements just fine.

If your table is round, our selection of round Halloween tablecloths has you—and your table—covered! For rectangular tables, our—you guessed it—rectangular Halloween tablecloths will be the cat’s meow.

Halloween Table Runners

If you prefer a Halloween table runner over a tablecloth, we completely understand. You don’t want to completely cover your sexy rectangular table, but you don’t want to leave it totally exposed, either. Our runners will give your Halloween table just the right flair and will coordinate perfectly with your indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations.

For a classy macabre vibe, try our bloodshot eyeballs or skulls and roses runners in either polyester or cotton. Or, for something a little more campy, go with our Halloween Babies or corny pumpkins runners.

Halloween Napkins

If your spooky Halloween table decorations don’t include napkins, you’re missing out. A good set of Halloween napkins can tie a themed table decor together. We offer an array of spooky designs, with creepy bloodshot eyeball napkins and the spine-chilling, yet elegant flowering skull napkins being among our most popular designs.

And, if you’re not a fan of creepy prints, you could opt for simple yet effective Halloween candy corn napkins. Or, inject some humor into your Halloween with orange and black goofy cat napkins.

Halloween Buffet Table Ideas

A themed Halloween buffet table is a great way to serve a lot of people for your next Halloween party. Halloween tablescapes can be as creepy, campy, or cute as you want them to be.

If you want a campy feel to your buffet table, opt for funny Halloween party supplies and party favors, and colorful tissue paper to tie it all together. Our tablecloth design with zombie hands and eyes will certainly fit in with the campy aesthetic.

And, if you prefer a scary, atmospheric tablescape, decorate your Halloween buffet table with darker colors and spooky designs. Our black cat tablecloths are a perfect backdrop for scary Halloween decor.

Halloween Tablecloths vs Runners—Which is Best?

Both tablecloths and runners make for awesome Halloween table decor and are a great way to protect your dining table. Which one you choose will depend on your personal preferences, as well as on the type of table you have.

  • For a round table, a round tablecloth is best
  • For a square table, you could opt for a square tablecloth or a table runner
  • For a rectangular table, a runner or tablecloth are equally viable, depending on whether you want to show off the edges of your table’s finish


If you don’t want to cover your square or rectangular table completely, opt for an elegant runner that will let your table edges show. And, if you want a table covering that covers the entire table, choose one of the many unique Halloween tablecloths we have to offer.

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Halloween Decorations FAQ

Should a table runner hang over the table?

Yes, a table runner should hang over the table. Ideally, a runner should hang at least six inches over each table end. If you’re placing a table runner over a tablecloth, the runner shouldn’t hang further than the tablecloth.

What is the point of a table runner?

The two main points of using table runners are decor and table protection. Table runners make table decorations more visually appealing and can make unique table centerpieces stand out. Just think about it—does a vase with elegant flowers look better on top of a stylish table runner or a boring old table?

Can you put a runner on top of a tablecloth?

Yes, you can put a runner on top of a tablecloth. Many people opt for a neutral tablecloth and swap out table runners to fit the occasion. You can also get a runner and a tablecloth that match (we offer many designs that come in both runner and tablecloth varieties).

For example, our Valentine’s Day tablecloths, runners, and napkins come in a variety of matching designs, so you don’t have to worry about mismatched designs ruining the aesthetic of your table.

How many Halloween themes do you have?

With an abundance of Halloween party themes to choose from, you may have an issue settling on just one. However, having a clear theme will make your Halloween table setting look more thought-out and cohesive.

We offer Halloween-themed tablecloths, runners, and napkins with various designs, such as spider webs, skulls, pumpkins, cats, ghosts, and more. No matter what Halloween theme you land on, you’ll certainly find table decor that fits your needs on our website.

What are the best Halloween table centerpieces?

Some of the best Halloween centerpieces for tables are simple, yet effective. White pumpkins make for subtle, themed centerpieces, and skull designs are a popular spooky Halloween home decor. With a good tablecloth design, sometimes a few ghost-shaped candles are the only centerpiece you need for an effective Halloween design.

What is the best scary Halloween design for napkins?

Halloween napkins are a crucial part of any Halloween-themed dinner party. Well-designed napkins combine the utility of napkins with an effective Halloween party decoration. A spooky napkin option we recommend are our napkins with a spider’s webs design, as they are both elegant and bone-chilling.

Which tablecloth design will go best with mini pumpkins?

Pumpkin decoration is the most popular fall decoration option. However, if you want your pumpkins table decor to pop, you have to pair it with the right tablecloth design.

If you want your Halloween pumpkin centerpiece to be at the center of attention, go with a more neutral design, such as our white tablecloth with smiling pumpkins.

And, if your pumpkin decor is smaller (such as glass pumpkins and mini pumpkins), go bold with the tablecloth design. For example, our blue pumpkin tablecloths pair amazingly with smaller, more subdued pumpkin decor.

What’s the classiest tablecloth design for a Halloween dinner?

If you’re hosting a Halloween dinner party and you want to go classy, our white rose and skull faces are about as classy as you can get. Find it in squares, rectangles, and runners—with matching white rose and skull napkins!

What is the best decor for Halloween?

The best decor for Halloween for you will depend on your preferences, time, and budget. The decor can be as simple as a ‘Happy Halloween’ sign or as comprehensive as a Halloween house decor that encompasses every room.

When it comes to Halloween decor, pumpkins, ghosts, and witches remain the most popular choices. Halloween witch decor is often inspired by spooky movies, such as Hocus Pocus, The Witch, and Suspiria.

What are some original Halloween table decor ideas?

If you want your Halloween tabletop decoration to be original, mixing up the colors may be a good idea. Colors commonly associated with Halloween are black, orange, and white. If you opt for a color that’s not often associated with Halloween, such as blue, your decor will certainly be unique. For example, try pairing our blue bats tablecloth with DIY Halloween crafts you can’t find in a shop.