St. Patrick’s Day Table Decor

Bring the luck of the Irish into your home with our St. Patrick’s Day table decor! Celebrate your favorite holiday with our quality St. Patrick’s Day napkins, tablecloths, and runners!

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St. Patrick’s Day Tablecloths

Get ready for your celebration with our St. Patrick’s Day tablecloth collection. Whether you’re throwing a festive dinner party or just want to add a touch of Irish charm to your everyday meals, our St. Paddy’s tablecloths are a great choice.

From different shades of green to fun shamrock prints, our tablecloths are designed to help you throw an unforgettable St. Patrick's Day party.

Here’s an idea: lay down this shamrock clover pattern with a white table runner. Set out these leaf clover napkins to bring your St. Patrick’s Day table setting to the next level.  

Or, this green shamrock pattern can be an ideal base for your St. Patty’s Day party decor. With a green table runner and a set of our St. Patrick’s Day napkins, your Irish decoration will be in full bloom.  

St. Patrick’s Day Table Runners

Add a touch of Irish charm to your decor table with a table runner from our curated table runner collection. From classic green and white stripes to whimsical shamrock signs, our table runners are designed to elevate your St. Patrick's Day party decor.

Make your decor green with a table runner from our wide selection of St. Patrick's Day runners. Put this leprechaun pattern over an antique white tablecloth and finish the decor with these leaf-clover napkins.

Take a look at this Irish flower pattern and combine it with some of our floral designs to elevate the look of your table setting.

Beyond Saint Patrick Day designs, we have an entire universe of table runners waiting for you. If you have trouble finding the right pattern, we have made a table runner recommendations article with helpful suggestions for how to choose the very best table runner for every occasion.

St. Patrick’s Day Napkins

Complete your St. Patrick’s Day decoration with our collection of cloth napkins. From elegant green linens to fun shamrock prints, our napkins are made to make your table setting look more festive.

Here are some ideas for St. Patrick's Day napkins:

  • Green napkins: solid green napkins are a classic choice. These sophisticated napkins will add a touch of class to your St. Patrick's Day table decor.
  • Napkins with a lucky shamrock print: use these lucky shamrock print napkins to get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit. These napkins feature various sizes of green shamrocks and are ideal for adding a festive touch to your table setting.
  • Gold napkins: gold napkins trim add a touch of glitz to your table. These napkins are adaptable and can be used with a variety of St. Patrick's Day table decor styles.
  • Napkins can be mixed and matched: mix and match different napkins to create a one-of-a-kind St. Patrick's Day tablescape. You can use different shades of green to create a gradient effect or alternate solid green napkins with shamrock print napkins.


St. Patrick’s Day Table Decoration Ideas

From shamrock-shaped plates to green and gold table runners, we have everything you need to set a festive and fun St. Patrick's Day table.

Here are some St. Patrick's Day decoration ideas to get you started:

  1. Green accents will bring the luck of the Irish to your table. Consider adding green tablecloths, napkins, or placemats to your table setting. Alternatively, you could add green candles or floral arrangements to your St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece.
  2. Accept the shamrock: the shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and is commonly associated with Saint Patrick's Day. Consider incorporating shamrock-shaped decor items into your table decors, such as plates, coasters, or placemats.
  3. Go for gold: another color associated with St. Patrick's Day, gold can add a touch of elegance to your table. Consider using gold accents in your table decor, such as gold flatware, gold-trimmed glasses, or a gold table runner.
  4. Make your own St. Patrick's Day table decor. You could make a DIY table runner out of green and gold ribbon, or you could make your own shamrock-shaped place cards out of cardstock and a craft punch.
  5. Irish-inspired cuisine: don't forget to include Irish-inspired cuisine on your St. Patrick's Day menu. Serve traditional Irish dishes such as corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, or shepherd's pie.


Here are some specific table linen combinations our customer love:


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St. Patrick’s Day FAQ


What can I use as a St. Patrick's Day table centerpiece?

There are numerous excellent options for St. Patrick's Day centerpieces. Here are some terrific ideas:

  • Green floral arrangement: a bouquet of green flowers, such as hydrangeas, carnations, or green roses, can be used to make a stunning centerpiece. To create a contrast, add some white flowers or baby's breath.
  • Shamrock plant: A shamrock plant will bring the luck of the Irish to your table. These small plants with shamrock-shaped leaves are a traditional St. Patrick's Day symbol and make a charming centerpiece.
  • Consider using a leprechaun hat as your focal point for a playful and whimsical centerpiece. To make a colorful display, fill it with green and gold candies and flowers.
  • Rainbow decor: Use your imagination to create a rainbow-themed centerpiece. To add a fun and festive touch, use a mason jar filled with colorful flowers, a rainbow-colored candle set, or a bowl of rainbow-colored fruit.
  • Consider using a set of green candles in various heights and styles for a simple but elegant centerpiece. To create a unified look, arrange them on a decorative tray or candle holder. Make the centerpiece more glamorous by including some gold accents.


What decorations are used on St. Patrick's Day?

Some of the most popular St. Patrick's Day decorations are:

  • shamrocks
  • leprechauns
  • green and gold balloons
  • banners
  • table decorations like tablecloths, napkins, and runners
  • St. Patrick’s Day candles
  • shamrock centerpieces


What colors are associated with St. Patrick's Day?

Green was adopted as the color of the Irish rebellion, and the shamrock became a key symbol. Green, white, and orange are the primary colors of the Irish flag. Green symbolizes the Catholics who rose up against Protestant England.


What is the dress code for St. Patrick's Day?

Wear green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. According to St. Patrick's Day tradition, if you don't wear green on March 17, you'll be pinched.


What are traditional Irish gifts?

Claddagh rings, available in silver, gold, and birthstone variations, are common traditional Irish gifts. Other Irish gifts, such as Aran sweaters and Galway and Tipperary crystals, are ideal for a loved one in your life.


What are some ideas for DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorations?

Here are some ideas for DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorations:

  • clover yarn trees
  • split pea candle centerpiece
  • tiered tray decor
  • balloon shamrock backdrop
  • gold print glassware
  • lucky confetti poppers
  • leprechaun traps


What are traditional St. Patrick’s Day gifts?

Something green is the best St. Patrick’s Day gift. Here are some great ideas for you to bring to the next St. Paddy’s Day party:

  • good luck horseshoe
  • Irish blessing print
  • shamrock ornaments
  • clover necklace
  • handmade mug
  • Celtic pen set