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Celebrate the festival of lights with our Hanukkah table decor designs. Napkins, runners, and table cloth patterns for your holiday table.

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Hanukkah Table Decor Patterns

Complement your Hanukkah tabletop decor and wish Happy Hanukkah to your family with our tablecloths, table runners, and napkin patterns. Our cute menorahs and stars or star of David designs can bring any Hanukkah decor to life.

Choose the right design for the Chanukkah festival and celebrate it for eight nights with your family and friends. From purple to orange to blue and white patterns, we have a design for any Hanukkah celebration.

Hanukkah Tablecloths

Hanukkah candles, menorah and table centerpieces will look festive atop of one of our table covers designed for Jewish holidays. Dress your dining and kitchen table with our Hanukkah tablecloths in round, square and rectangular shapes.

We offer an array of tablecloth designs for your Hanukkah table. From Hanukkah symbols to Hanukkah and dots to menorah decoration, we have a decorated table cloth to match every style.

Hanukkah Table Runners

The right table runner can make your Hanukkah table stand out. Complement your table decoration with one of our Hanukkah table runner designs crafted for the Hanukkah celebration. Purple tint, menorah memories, celebration essentials, and many more patterns will bring your party table decor to the next level.

You can combine a blue table runner with white tablecloths and pair them with an appropriate napkin set for the ultimate Hanukkah decor.

Hanukkah Napkins

Get napkin rings and choose the right Hanukkah napkin set to tie your holiday decoration. Complement your decoration set for your Hanukkah party with one of our napkin designs, and your table decoration will be ready for guests.

From Hanukkah and dots to cute menorahs and stars, we have a selection of napkins for any holiday party.

Hanukkah Table Decoration Ideas

Looking for some decor tips for your Hanukkah dinner party? Your Hanukkah menorah with table scatters and perfectly chosen table linen designs will bring any table setting to life.

If you’re hosting an outdoor Hanukkah party, dress your wooden tables with our polyester tablecloths and pair them with the right runner and napkin designs.

Blue table linen designs can also be combined with designs with Hanukkah patterns. Our colorful Hanukkah table linens will complement your party decor. The possibilities are huge; choose from candelabrum cartoons, menorah dreidel, star of David, and many more designs.

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Hanukkah Table Decor FAQ

Is it spelled Hanukkah or Chanukkah?

Both spellings are okay. Some people like to use “Hanukkah,” while others prefer “Chanukkah.” No matter which variation you choose, everyone will understand that you are preparing your Chanukkah decor. Place your Chanukkah menorah on your Chanukkah table, and your Chanukkah party (or Hanukkah party) is ready to begin.

How do you decorate a table for Hanukkah?

A menorah should be the first thing everyone sees on your Hanukkah table. Get pretty centerpieces, find interesting napkin folding ideas, and decorate your table in traditional Hanukkah blue and white colors. Place a bead garland and Hanukkah gifts for your guests on your table, too.

What is a Hanukkah centerpiece called?

A menorah is the traditional Hanukkah centerpiece. You can place it on your window or in the center of your holiday table.

What are traditional Hanukkah decorations?

The traditional Hanukkah decorations are menorahs, dreidels, and small accessories in blue and white colors.

How can you use your Christmas decor for Hanukkah?

You can combine your Christmas and Hanukkah decorations. Hanukkah’s rule is blue, white and sparkle, and candles everywhere, as it is a festival of light. Use this decoration for Christmas too. If you want to go a bit more glamorous, instead of blue and white, add a bit of silver and gold.