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Looking for the season’s freakiest Halloween tablecloth designs? Check out these boo-tiful tablecloths below.

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Round Halloween Tablecloths

If your table is round, you’ll naturally want a round tablecloth to cover it. Your Halloween party guests will scream with delight at our pumpkin ghost faces, zombie hands, bloodshot eyeballs, and other original Halloween designs.

Whether you are hosting a big Halloween party, or an intimate family event, your round table will look so much spookier with one of our polyester or cotton round Halloween tablecloths.

Rectangular Halloween Tablecloths

A spiderweb, skull, or bat tablecloth will make your Halloween table decorations pop. Our rectangular polyester or cotton tablecloths are available in so many awesome designs, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. From black scaredy cats arching their backs, to our acclaimed pumpkins in hats, our original designs will provide the perfect Halloween party decor.

Square Halloween Tablecloths

If you have a square table, choosing the right tablecloth for Halloween will give your tablescape the maximum effect. Your Halloween party decorations will be complete with any of our square decorative tablecloths.

Whether you prefer an orange tablecloth, bloodshot eyeballs design, or square pumpkin tablecloth, you can’t go wrong. All our square Halloween tablecloths are to die for.

Cotton Halloween Tablecloths

When hosting a haunted house, a cotton Halloween tablecloth is pretty much required to complete the decor. When you have your table covered with one of our unique spooky tablecloths, you can add other decorations and prepare for the party.

Check our selection of retro skulls and flowers in different shapes. Or you can choose our goofy Halloween babies design if you prefer your Halloween table setting on the silly side.

Your Halloween party decoration will be complete with any of our decorative tablecloths. Corny pumpkins, creepy babies, and bloodshot eyeballs are just a few of our best-selling designs.

Polyester Halloween Tablecloths

When hosting an outdoor Halloween party, our polyester outdoor tablecloths will withstand the fall weather while looking appropriately creepy. Choose between spider webs, Halloween argyle patterns, or a simple polka dot design.

From spooky black to retro patterns, our Halloween table covers are here to set the mood for your party. You have done half of your work when you choose your perfect Halloween table runner or tablecloth. Combine with the right Halloween costumes and other decor, and you’re set for a frightfully fun time.

Halloween Table Runners

If you don’t want to cover your entire table, our Halloween table runners will bring the same freakishly cool designs to your tabletop, while leaving your table edges exposed. You will love our original designs, from skulls, roses, and flowers to spooky babies and spider web table linen runners.

A Halloween table runner is a perfect way to coordinate your table decor; you can use them whenever you throw an indoor or outdoor party. They stand out so much that a Halloween table runner will be the first thing your guests will notice when entering the party.

Halloween Napkins

There isn’t a better way to complete your Halloween decor than having Halloween napkins on your table. We offer an array of spooky designs, from goofy cats and spine-chilling zombie hands, to elegant skulls and roses.

If you’re not a fan of creepy designs, you can always opt for our simple yet effective candy corn napkins. Or, check out our Halloween pumpkin designs which are always a good choice.

Halloween Tablecloths FAQ

How long should a tablecloth hang down?

A tablecloth should have a 6 to 8-inch drop from the edge of the table to the bottom of the tablecloth. This rule usually applies for casual events. However, for more formal occasions, you can let the tablecloth hang over the edge by 15 inches or more.

Does a tablecloth need to cover the whole table?

Yes, a tablecloth should cover the entire table. It will add a note of elegance to your special event. A Halloween tablecloth should hang over the edges of your table a few inches…unless you’re opting for a table runner instead.

Should I use a tablecloth every day?

The primary purpose of a tablecloth is to protect the table, but it is all up to you if you want to use it every day. Or, you will bring it out for some special occasions. With a tablecloth, you will be sure your table is completely safe from food drooping and condensation of drinks.

If you don’t want to use a tablecloth daily, do it when you have a party or special dinner. It will add a bit of glamor and protect your table when there are a lot of people around.

Do you sell Halloween plastic tablecloths?

We sell polyester and cotton Halloween tablecloths. On our website, you will find many different shapes, sizes and designs of cotton and polyester Halloween tablecloths that can match your style and do the trick for your Halloween party decoration.

Do you have any vintage Halloween tablecloths?

If you’re going for a vintage Halloween aesthetic, our retro skulls and flowers will do the trick. Also, check out our black vintage deco lace napkins and tablecloths, as they can be a good combination with your Halloween decoration.

What makes a tablecloth spooky for Halloween?

A creepy design with skulls, pumpkin smiles or spider webs will make a tablecloth look spooky enough for your Halloween party.

Match those tablecloths with napkins with the same design, and you will have the perfect party decoration your guests will love.

How many Halloween themes do you have?

The biggest challenge with our Halloween themes is narrowing them down to just one. Yes, our designs are just that good. You’re going to want them all. As difficult as it sounds, you should exercise some self-discipline and keep your theme consistent to get the best Halloween effect.

We offer tablecloths, napkins and runners in many exciting Halloween designs. Choose from skulls, ghosts, cats, spider webs and many more.

Do you sell oval Halloween tablecloths?

We have a wide selection of tablecloths of different shapes (rectangular, square and round) you can choose from. In addition, you can check out our other black, green, and orange Halloween tablecloths, napkins, and runners that come in various matching designs to use for completing your Halloween party decoration.

Which is better, a tablecloth or table runner?

Both table cloths and runners make for awesome Halloween table decor and are a great way to protect your dining table. Which one you choose will depend on your personal preferences, as well as on the type of table you have.

  • For a round table, a round tablecloth is best
  • For a square table, you could opt for a square tablecloth or a table runner
  • For a rectangular table, a runner or tablecloth are equally viable, depending on whether you want to show off the edges of your table’s finish


If you don’t want to cover your square or rectangular table completely, opt for an elegant runner that will let your table edges show. And, if you want a table covering that covers the entire table, choose one of the many unique Halloween tablecloths we have to offer.


If you have a plastic table, you’ll probably want a table cloth that covers it completely. On the other hand, if your table is made of solid reclaimed oak, show that beautiful wood off by leaving the edges exposed.

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