The Best Table Runners For Every Occasion

Choose The Best Table Runner For Every Occasion

A table runner is one of the simplest ways to add elegance to your table. It allows you to change up your kitchen or dining room aesthetic quickly and easily. Because of its simplicity, a good runner is one of the most versatile pieces of table linen you can have in your kitchen repertoire. Let’s look at the best table runner for each occasion you might be celebrating.

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Invest in good table runners. Your table decor is a critical part of your home’s ambience, and deserves to be selected thoughtfully.

Choosing the Best Size of Runner

To get the perfect size table runner, keep the following in mind.

  • Measure your table’s length and width. Don’t forget to include any lip that may have around the edges of your table.
  • If you use your runner over a tablecloth, make sure it is a little shorter than the tablecloth. If you’re using it without a tablecloth, your table runner should overhang the table by at least six inches on both ends.

Best for Everyday Use

For everyday use, we love this simple yet effective avocado table runner, available in 12” x 72” and 14” x 108” inch sizes. Solid color designs are always an excellent addition to any kitchen or dining room, and the elegant green of this runner works well with almost any decor. As a bonus, it hides stains fairly well.

Best For Everyday Use

Neutral colored runners like this one match well with a variety of tablecloth and napkin designs.

Other top choices for your kitchen, dining table or breakfast nook:

Best for Baby Showers

We love this table runner with bears, rainbows, and stars. It is available in three different sizes—16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108"—and will set off your baby shower decor. Its adorable designs work equally well for boys or girls.

Best for Baby Showers

With its whimsical and playful patterns, this is our favorite baby shower runner of all time.

Other top choices for your baby shower:

Also, take a look at our baby shower napkin and baby shower tablecloth collections to tie your themed table together!

Best for Weddings

This swirly floral lace table runner, available in 12” x 72" and 14” x 108” sizes, is a dreamy complement to your big day. Its flowy, slightly abstract patterns will infuse elegant simplicity into your wedding.

Best for Weddings

A floral pattern with a hemstitched border will set a tone that other decor can harmonize with. And it’s versatile: this wedding table runner matches a wide range of styles, from rustic to boho to modern.

Other excellent options for wedding table decor include:

Best for Birthday Parties

You’ll love this cute star runner for your kid's birthday party. It comes in three sizes: 16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108." We adore its simplicity and playfulness. We also like how it’s unisex. Where many traditional birthday table runners go all in on traditional colors—blue for boys and pink for girls—we dare you to be different.

Best for Birthday Parties

This runner works equally well for a first or tenth birthday party. Imagine how terrific your sweet table will look with this colorful pattern. Guests will love it too, maybe more than we do.

Other options for your birthday party decorations:

  • Who doesn’t love jungle animals? Get wild with a jungle animal runner, a matching birthday tablecloth, and a napkin set from the same collection.
  • Pirates are a perennial birthday favorite, and this pirate design is about the cutest ever for your little scalawag.
  • This pastel dinosaur runner is super adorable, so if your boy or girl is into dinosaurs, this will make them roar with delight.

Best for Bridal Showers

Who wouldn’t want this roses and succulents design for their bridal party? Colorful, feminine floral patterns will create the lavish look you love for your big night.

Best for Bridal Showers

This bridal shower table runner comes in three sizes—16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108.” The material is durable and can be machine washed.

Other top options for your bridal shower:

Best for Quinceanera

Celebrate your teen’s big milestone with this beastly design. Our tiger print runner comes in 12” x 72" and 14” x 108” sizes. Teens are a bit wild anyway; this runner will celebrate their chaotic nature while welcoming your daughter’s arrival into young womanhood.

Best for Quinceanera

Browse our quinceanera napkins and tablecloth collection to tie your themed table together.

Other great quinceanera options:

Best Holiday Table Runner

Our holiday table runners will bring the magic of winter into your home. We especially like this fun pattern, available in 16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108” sizes.

Best Holiday Table Runner

This cotton table runner features retro shapes over a light green background—the perfect blend of festive and sophisticated. It will do justice to your holiday table.

Other great holiday options:

Christmas Runners

Get in the holiday spirit with these holiday woodland plants. This runner comes in 16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108" sizes. A plaid background with white Christmas trees brings festive cheer. One of our all-time favorite Christmas table runners.

Christmas Runners

We also love:

Easter Runners

This pastel egg table runner pairs with matching Easter napkins and Easter tablecloths to make a memorable holiday with your family and friends.

Easter Runners

With a pop of green, yellow, and orange, this Easter table runner is just a little unconventional—while still being recognizably Easter. It is available in 16” x 72," 16” x 90," and 16” x 108” sizes.

Take a look at our other top-pick designs:

  • This Easter rabbits pattern will capture hearts and turn heads of adults and kids alike.
  • For a retro flair, use this polka dot egg design to bring an abstract vibe to Easter.

Hanukkah Runners

This purple-tinted menorah runner will keep your Hanukkah decor classy while bringing a bit of sass to the festival of lights.

Hanukkah Runners

It’s one of our favorite Hanukkah table runners because it reinterprets classic Hanukkah motifs in a fun and modern way.  

Here are some other original Hanukkah designs:

  • If you’d like something more demure (but still striking), check out this watercolor pastel Hanukkah runner.
  • For a bold flair, this runner features brightly colored stars of David, menorahs, scrolls, and other classic motifs over a white background.

Don’t forget to check out our collection of Hanukkah tablecloths and Hanukkah napkins.

Valentine's Day Runners

This heart cookie runner has captured our hearts with its delicious reds and pinks—and it will capture yours as well. This runner is available in 16” x 72,”16” x 90,” and 16” x 108" inches.

Valentine's Day Runners

Fun cookie heart appliques adorn this table runner. It could be our favorite Valentine’s Day table runner of all time.

Some other top choices for Valentine's Day runners:

  • For a bold, unconventional take on the Day of Love, this runner will bring some sizzle with bright colors and loud heart patterns.
  • For sheer decadence, this lacey roses design will have you swooning in a universe of pink elegance.

Thanksgiving Runners

We love this stamped maple leaf design for its play on autumn colors. The maple leaf motif is recognizably autumnal without being over-the-top Thanksgiving (a la turkeys and pilgrim hats).

Thanksgiving Runners

This runner comes in 16 x 72, 16 x 90, and 16 x 108 inches. With its neutral tones and light background, this Thanksgiving table runner is easy to pair with your other Thanksgiving decor. Beyond Turkey Day, this runner will serve well for all fall occasions and gatherings.

Our other top Thanksgiving designs:

  • For adding retro vibes to your Thanksgiving, this tartan runner is to die for.
  • This runner features fall leaves and pumpkins. We know it’s a little cliche—but it’s just so adorable!

Pair your runner with Thanksgiving-themed napkins and a tablecloth, and you’ll have a spread they’ll be talking about all year.

4th of July Runners

Express your patriotic spirit with this American chessboard runner, available in 12 x 72" and 14 x 108” sizes. Simple yet striking, this is one of our all-time favorite 4th of July table runners.

4th of July Runners

Whether you’re hosting a barbeque or a formal dinner, this Independence Day runner will have you singing the Star-Spangled Banner all day (and night).

Other top Independence Day picks:

  • For a warm take on the patriotic spirit, this American hearts runner will bring out your love of country and fellow Americans.
  • This runner brings a retro Americana aesthetic with its patriotic designs over a white background. Perfect for picnic parties, farmhouse interiors, or any other venue.

Best for Farmhouse Style

For your farmhouse interior decor, this textured chevron runner brings just the right amount of zest. It comes in three sizes: 16" x 72", 16" x 90", and 16" x 108". It is original, simple, and elegant.

Best for Farmhouse style

Its repetitive blue and brown zigzag lines will play off your interior's neutrals and wood tones. You'll use this farmhouse table runner for many years and never get tired of it.

Other top picks for farmhouse decor:

  • This runner is so insanely classy with its monochromatic design that we almost made it our top pick. Maybe it will be yours.
  • For a classic Americana vibe, check out these ice cream cones—if you can handle the cuteness.

Best Floral Table Runners

Our top floral table runner pick manages to be both formal and fun. It comes in 16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108” sizes. Its dark background brings gravitas, while the repeating floral patterns create a gently hypnotic effect. Whether your space has neutral or bright tones, this runner will blend with a wide range of interior decor styles. Made of cotton and machine washable, this floral table runner is easy to care for and extremely durable.  

Best Floral Table Runners

We love it for wedding parties, yet it will be equally functional as part of your summer table decor.

Other floral favorites:

Don’t forget to grab some floral napkins to complete your tablescape.

Best Gold Table Runners

We love adding a luxurious finish to the dinner table with gold table runners. This antique gold runner strikes the perfect balance between flashy and dignified.

Best Gold Table Runner

Made of polyester, it is durable and works well for indoor and outdoor parties. Wipe clean, or machine wash it, and it is ready for the next big event.

We love these gold runners as well:

Also, take a look at our gold napkins and gold tablecloth collection to harmonize your table setting.

Best Lace Table Runners

Lace table runners work wonders over almost any tablecloth or wooden table surface. One of our all-time favorites is this delicate geometric runner. Available in two sizes—12” x 72” and 14” x 108”—it will add class to any table setting. Whether you want to achieve a farmhouse, elegant, or vintage aesthetic, this runner will get the job done.

Best Lace Table Runners

Its delicate floral pattern pretties up the table without screaming for attention.

Other top picks:

Best Fall Table Runners

We love buffalo plaid, and we love fall. Honor both with this rustic plaid runner, available in 16” x 72," 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108.”

Best Fall Table Runners

Its harvest color palette will bring autumnal cheer to your home decor.

Other great options:

  • For a fun, vintage autumn vibe, this runner can’t be beat.
  • This design features a stunning fall garland running down the center of a pure white background with plenty of whitespace on either side of the illustration.

Best Winter Table Runners

Celebrate the spirit of winter with this plaid snowflake design. If you love winter and you love plaid, this runner is a definite no-brainer. It comes in 16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108” sizes. So simple yet so stylish, this winter table runner will bring the magic of winter into your home.

Best Winter Table Runners

Spice up everyday winter dining as well as holiday feasts. Did we mention it’s plaid?

We also love:

Also, scope out our winter tablecloth and winter napkin collections to find matching patterns.

Best Spring Table Runners

Usher in spring with this sassy striped runner with springtime designs. Buzzing with energy and growth, it comes in 16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108” sizes!

Best Spring Table Runners

Its uneven stripes and soft green color make the perfect background for the flower and bee patterns.

Other spring picks:

Pair your spring table runners with spring tablecloths and spring napkins—if you can handle the awesomeness.

Best Summer Table Runners

Bask in summer vibes all year long with this tropical runner, available in 16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108” sizes. We love the combination of abstract nautical designs, pastel colors, and an off-white background of this hemstitched table runner.

Best Summer Table Runners

For outdoor parties and dining rooms alike, this summer table runner will bring sunshine and waves to the darkest of days.

Other summery selections:

  • Celebrate summer loudly and proudly with this busy ice cream motif. Warning: you’ll get some comments on this one, as it’s impossible to ignore.
  • This lemon slices runner will make you ready for a glass of cold lemonade. Its bold citrus motif will brighten any room.

Best Table Runners For Dark Tables

To break up the darkness of a walnut or mahogany tabletop, opt for light colors. For example, this funky geometric design will give some visual relief to any dark table while adding some fun. Available in 16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108” sizes.

Best Table Runners For Dark Tables

You could also add a floral flair to your dark table with this pastel floral design in violet and yellow. Or give it an artistic touch with this brush stroke pattern. And, of course, you could always opt for a white table runner to add some serious contrast to your dark table.

Best Table Runners For Light Tables

For light tables, you want a strong design down the center, and this swirly blue runner will add the perfect pop of color to any light-colored table. It is available in three sizes—16” x 72,” 16” x 90,” and 16” x 108.”

Best Table Runners For Light Tables

The blue foliage makes a statement without being overbearing, and it lends itself to any season of the year. A perennial favorite, to be sure.

Other top picks:

Unique Table Runners

Your family isn’t ordinary, so neither should your table be. Here are some eye-catching runners to add some verve to your interior.

Our top picks are:

  • This tribal design will bring luck, strength, and protection to your home. It is available in 12” x 72” and 14” x 108”. The repetitive and colorful Hamsa symbols will mesmerize the eye—and the heart.
  • This zebra skin runner comes in 12” x 72” and 14” x 108” sizes. We guarantee this animal print table runner will bring out the wild side in any gathering.  

Table Runners FAQ

Are table runners out of style in 2023?

No, table runners are not out of style in 2023. They are always a stylish addition to the table decor and are a popular choice for large gatherings and family dinners alike.

Which fabric is best for table runners?

Polyester fabric is the best choice for outdoor table runners, while cotton and linen table runners are great for indoor events.

How long should a table runner hang over the table?

A table runner should hang at least six inches over the table ends. If you’re using it over a tablecloth, the table runner shouldn’t hang further than the tablecloth.

How do I choose a table runner?

When choosing a table runner, consider:

  • the size of the table
  • the material or fabric type
  • the color
  • the season or event

After weighing these factors, choose a table runner that checks all the boxes.

Should you use a table runner with placemats?

Table runners and placemats can be used together. Instead of choosing matching placemats, try combining two complementary colors.

Should a table runner touch the floor?

No, a table runner should not touch the floor. It should have six to 15 inches of drop from the table.

How long and wide should a table runner be?

Table runners come in different sizes. Their standard width is between 10 and 14 inches. Choose a table runner with a width of about one-third of your table and a length at least a foot longer than your table.

Can you use a table runner with a tablecloth?

You can use a table runner with or without a table cloth. If combining the two, try one with a pattern and the other in a complementary solid color.

Are reversible table runners a good idea?

Yes, reversible table runners can be a fun way to keep changing up the look of your table without buying additional runners.

What are the care instructions for table linens?

Most table linens should be laundered. Very rarely, they require dry cleaning. Make sure to always use cold water to wash, and then air dry.

Do you need to hand wash table runners?

Most quality table runners can be machine washed. Wash your cotton, polyester, satin, and linen runners in cold water on a gentle cycle and finish with a cold rinse, followed by a slow tumble and spin cycle.

For example, our kitchen linens are all machine washable and long-lasting. They are also stain-resistant. Plus, you can spot clean them easily. You will be able to use them over and over again for many seasons and holidays.

If you own a macrame table runner, you can choose to hand wash it so it won’t lose its shape.

Are pure linen table runners more durable than burlap table runners?

Both pure linen and natural jute fabrics are very durable. You just have to find a pattern that matches your style.

What sizes of table runners do you offer?

We offer table runners in different sizes, such as:

  • 12x72 inches
  • 14x72 inches
  • 14x108 inches
  • 16x72 inches
  • 16x90 inches
  • 16x108 inches

Do you offer cheesecloth table runners?

No, we don’t offer cheesecloth table runners—but our cotton and polyester runners are pretty sweet.

Do you offer woven runners?

We don’t sell woven runners. Our collection of polyester and cotton table runners includes some amazing designs, though.

Do you offer jute table runners?

We don’t sell jute table runners, but we think you’ll love our collection of rustic table runners in cotton and polyester.