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Stylish Table Linens

Looking for some stylish table covers? We offer an array of table linen designs to complement any event decor. Celebrate Hanukkah, Independence Day, and Halloween, delight your guests at your bridal and baby shower, and make everyone remember the table overlays at your wedding reception.

Our tablecloths, runners, and napkins will make a statement as a part of your table decor. From winter to summer designs and from flowers to ornaments, there is a table linen pattern for every home and every mood.

Table Cloths

Take a look at our collection of elegant and fun tablecloths, available in your choice of cotton and polyester fabrics. From seasonal and holiday to themed and artistic, you’ll fall in love with our designs.

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect Christmas tablecloth or need an elegant polka dot tablecloth design to complement your ceremony decor, we’ve got the perfect pattern in our collection.

We offer tablecloths for every table size and shape. Scope out our selection of square, rectangular, and round tablecloths.

Square Tablecloths


From floral grapes to tiger prints to snowbird designs, we’ve got the right square tablecloth for your needs.

For your square table, the right table cloth will give your tabletop decor the maximum effect.

Rectangular Table Cloths

Whether you need a decorative table cover for your dinner parties or you want to protect your rectangular table, a tablecloth can really make the scene.

Take a look at our collection of rectangle tablecloth designs to complement any table decor. From ladybugs to flowers on vines to vintage teapots, we have a table cloth pattern to make a stand.

Our commercial grade polyester rectangle tablecloths are ideal for an outdoor party. Shells, snowflakes, and daffodils are just some of our designs you can choose from.

Round Tablecloths

Add some style and make your round table last longer with the perfect round tablecloth. Whether you opt for geometric stripes, flowering trees, or damask designs, your guests will appreciate the look of your tables.

For example, your greenery panels will look incredibly stylish along with our green tablecloths.

Our Milliken rounds make the perfect wedding linens. Give your wedding party a brand-new look with white, dusty rose, ivory, and seafoam round tablecloth designs.

Table Runners

Add the final touch to your tabletop decor with one of our table runner designs to get the maximum impact and pull the theme together.

Celebrate your Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday, or any other special occasion with the perfectly chosen table runners.

Choose the table runner design to match your overall decoration. For example, chair sashes and table runners will go perfectly together if you match them for your wedding party.

Cherry blossoms, happy cows, doodle vases, and hearts in stripes are some of the designs you can opt for. Also, check out our solid color table runners, from metallic gold and dusty blue to white and red runners, you will find the right one for your dining table decor.


Searching for the perfect cloth napkins? Explore our stylish napkins in a range of colors and designs for any occasion. From seasonal and themed to festive and holiday, we offer an array of cloth napkin sets.

You have chosen the right tableware and napkin rings. Your chair covers are ready. Now is the time to find the perfect napkin set to complement your party decoration.

Whether you’re hosting a big family dinner or planning to surprise your loved one for Valentine’s Day, place suitable table napkins next to your dinner plates to set the stage.

Table Linen Fabrics

Create a beautiful tablescape with our table linen designs available in polyester and cotton fabrics.

Polyester Linens

Protect your table and make it elegant with our polyester tablecloths, runners, and napkins. When hosting an outdoor party, our polyester table covers will withstand the weather while looking appropriately stylish.

Cotton Linens

Make a gorgeous statement with our printed cotton table linen designs. Our wide selection of cotton tablecloths, runners, and napkins is here to add the finishing touch and festive sparkle to any occasion you have.

Festive Table Linens

The right table linen can really set the stage for whatever holiday or occasion you’re celebrating. We offer a wide range of holiday-themed table linen designs. Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, or any other holiday, we have themed table linens to give your gathering that special touch.

For example, if you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, check out our wide selection of Halloween table runners, napkins, and tablecloths. Choose from pumpkin ghosts, zombie hands and Gotham bats designs and make your guests scream out of delight.

Prepare your baby shower party with the right set of table linens. Your centerpiece stands, floral vases, party balloons and hanging decor will gorgeously be complemented by some of our baby shower designs. Choose from tractors and trucks, rainbow sprinkles, happy whales, and many more designs.

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Table Linens FAQ

What are the different types of table linens?

Table skirts, tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and table mats are some of the most common table linen types.

Is it better to use cloth or paper napkins?

Cloth napkins have more advantages than paper napkins. Cloth napkins are more sustainable, have a longer lifespan, and are more effective to use. They are also wrinkle resistant and machine washable, which makes them a better investment.

What type of fabric is jute burlap?

Jute burlap is a woven fabric made from the jute plant. It is quite rough and not generally used for table linens, unless a very rustic aesthetic is desired.

What is a gauze cheesecloth?

Gauze cheesecloth is a lightweight cotton fabric with an open texture. It is primarily used for food preparation.