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Get high-quality Hanukkah tablecloths in cotton and polyester. Original Hanukkah designs for square, round, and rectangle tables.

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Stylish Hanukkah Tablecloths

Looking for some stylish Hanukkah table covers? Take a look at our tablecloth collection to find a design that reflects the significance of this important time and brings your family together. Traditional motifs such as the Star of David, gold menorah, dreidels, and other Hanukkah symbols will emphasize the power of this special time of year.

Complete your Hanukkah decoration with quality cloth napkins and a runner from our Hanukkah table runner collection. You’ll be ready to wish a happy Hanukkah to your family and guests with the perfect holiday table setting.

Our cotton tablecloths are great for indoor kitchen dining tables. Combine them with cotton table runners to get the ultimate impression.

Here’s a favorite combination: use a white tablecloth as the base of your table decor, then overlay this Happy Hanukkah table runner. Throw in some white napkins for extra effect.

Hanukkah Tablecloth Shapes

Find the right table cloth for your square, round, and rectangle tables.

Rectangle Tablecloths

Browse through our rectangle tablecloth collection to complete your Hanukkah table decor. Choose from a solid color, colorful, floral, or lace. Whether you’re looking for a Jewish tablecloth for your dining table, or something to complement your party decor, we have the season’s best styles.

Round Tablecloths

Dress your round Hanukkah table with one of our round tablecloth designs. Our round table covers are available in polyester and cotton in the following sizes:

Our round tablecloths are available in the following dimensions:

  • 60”
  • 70”
  • 84”
  • 90”
  • 96”
  • 102”
  • 108”
  • 114”
  • 120”


For example, lay down this colorful Hanukkah tablecloth, then choose a good set of Hanukkah napkins to elevate your party table to the next level and make your festival of lights memorable.  

Square Tablecloths

Scope out our collection of square tablecloths to add some style to your Jewish home decor.

If you prefer solid color designs, light blue, white or navy blue tablecloths are good choices.

Hanukkah Decoration Ideas

Try these decoration ideas to throw the best Hanukkah party ever. Feel free to be creative and impress your family and friends.

  • get our Hanukkah linens to cover your living room or dinner tables.
  • place your Hanukkah menorah as a table centerpiece
  • get spinning dreidels to play with your guests
  • if you’re hosting an indoor party, set a blue background with a blue tablecloth and then place a set of white napkins for maximum effect


Here are some suggestions for decorating your Jewish tables:


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Hanukkah Tablecloths FAQ


What is a Judaica tablecloth?

Judaica means all materials related to Jews and Judaism. Judaica tablecloths and Jewish holiday tablecloths are synonymous terms.


What are traditional Hanukkah colors?

Blue and white are traditional Hanukkah colors. They are also the traditional colors of the modern nation of Israel, as can be seen in the Israeli flag, which features a blue Star of David over a white background with two horizontal blue stripes on the top and bottom of the flag.


Is it okay to say “Chanukah” instead of “Hanukkah”?

Yes, Chanukah and Hanukkah are two spelling variants that refer to the same holiday. Whatever option you choose, everyone will know you’re talking about the Hanukkah festival or Chanukah festival.


What is a Kiddush cup?

A Kiddush cup is a special cup used for sanctifying Sabbath wine.


Can you use your Hanukkah decoration for Rosh Hashanah?

You can use your Hanukkah holiday tablecloths, runners, and napkins for your Rosh Hashanah and other Jewish holidays.


What material is usually used for the Challah cover?

Challah cover can be made of any kind of fabric or paper. It is usually machine or hand-embroidered and painted.


What are traditional Hanukkah gifts?

The most traditional Hanukkah gift is called “gelt”, which means coins. You can choose to give a small amount of real money or chocolate coins during this Jewish festival.


What colors are wrong to wear to a Jewish wedding?

Some Jewish families may prefer you not wear white to a Jewish wedding because it upstages the bride. If in doubt, ask friends of the family for their opinion.


Are your Hanukkah tablecloths machine washable?

Yes, all our products are machine washable and stain resistant.


Do you offer tablecloths in 60x84?

Yes, we offer tablecloths in many different sizes, among them tablecloth 60x84. Some other sizes you can choose from are:

  • 60x104
  • 60x120
  • 52x52
  • 60” round
  • 72” round
  • 90” round


Are plastic tablecloths elegant?

Plastic tablecloths can be used for different events but are not as elegant as polyester tablecloths, for example. Check out our wide selection of polyester tablecloths to find the perfect pattern for any occasion.

If you feel overwhelmed with choosing the right tablecloth design, we’ve curated a list of the best tablecloths for everyday dining and parties alike.

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