The Best Tablecloth For Every Occasion

Choose The Best Tablecloth For Every Occasion

Choosing the Right Size and Shape of Tablecloth

Keep the following in mind when selecting a tablecloth size:

  • Measure both the length and width of your table.
  • Decide your tablecloth drop (how far you want your tablecloth to hang over your table).
  • Do a little table math. For a round table, multiply your desired drop by two, then measure the table from one side to the other and add that number to the total. For a rectangle table, multiply your desired drop by two, then add the table's dimensions.

Our tablecloth sizing chart has you (and your table) covered.

Best for Everyday Use

Solid color designs are easy to use for elevating everyday dining and special occasions. That is why we love this elegant beige tablecloth. It’s simple and effective, and it will go with almost any decor.

Neutral-color table covers harmonize with a variety of table runner and cloth napkin designs. Plus, they hide stains pretty well.

Other excellent tablecloths for everyday meals and dinner parties:

Best Round Tablecloths

We love this elegant Milliken tablecloth. It is available in nine different sizes, from 60” round to 120” round. Intricate lace designs will add class to any table setting.

Round lace tablecloths are always a nice addition to any home decor, and this one may be one of our all-time favorites.

Other top choices for your round tables may include:

Best Rectangle Tablecloths

Our top rectangle table cloth choice manages to be both elegant and fun. This chevron pattern comes in 60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120” sizes. Its dark background lends gravitas, while the repetitive chevron pattern has a mildly hypnotic effect.  

Made of cotton and machine washable, this hemstitched tablecloth is easy to care for and extremely durable.

Other rectangular tablecloth favorites:

  • This violet floral tablecloth adds a splash of color to any table setting.
  • For a retro vibe, take a look at this damask pattern. It will give a classy touch that certainly draws attention.

Best Square Tablecloths

For your square tables, our favorite tablecloth is this spiral plant design. Its unusual yet elegant pattern will make your tabletop stand out. This tablecloth is available in a 52” x 52” size.

Whether you want to achieve a farmhouse, vintage, or elegant aesthetic, this square tablecloth will get the job done.

Other top picks:

Best for Baby Showers

For your baby shower, this moon and stars design is about the cutest thing ever; it works for boys and girls alike. It is available in three different sizes—60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120”—and will bring your adorable baby shower decor to the next level.

Pair it with matching baby shower napkins for the ultimate overdose of cuteness. This may just be our favorite baby shower tablecloth of all time.

Other excellent options for your baby shower include:

Best for Weddings

This Victorian lace tablecloth brings classic elegance to your wedding table decor. Available in 60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120," its simple, dreamy pattern will add class and charisma to your special day.  

Made of polyester, this wedding table linen is wrinkle resistant and durable, making it ideal for both indoors and outdoors. And it is versatile: you can use it to complete any style, from modern to bohemian weddings.

From our curated wedding tablecloth collection, some other favorites include:

Best for Birthday Parties

We love this tropical jungle pattern, available in three different sizes—60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120.” You’ll love its playfulness and the fact that it is unisex. If you’re looking for a birthday tablecloth that’s adorable and also a bit on the wild side, this will do the trick.

Kids of all ages love this design. Make your kid and their friends roar with excitement.

Other excellent options for your kid’s birthday party include:

Match your tablecloth with birthday table runners and napkins for the best effect. To be a bit extra, go ahead and throw in some fun napkins from our extensive cloth napkin collection.

Best for Bridal Showers

Make your bridal shower special with these watercolor butterflies. This tablecloth comes in three different sizes—60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120.” Lavender and pink butterflies communicate innocence combined with fun—just what you’re going for, right?

This cotton tablecloth can be machine washed and dried, making it perfect for reusing for any special occasion. It might just be our favorite bridal shower tablecloth of all time.

Other great options for your bridal shower party:

Best for Quinceanera

Celebrate the big 15 for your princess with this tiger print tablecloth. Teenagers like to be different, so don’t hold back when planning her quinceanera decor. This tablecloth comes in 60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120” sizes.

Browse our quinceanera napkin collection for some fun cloth napkin patterns that will complement your tablecloth.  

Other great quinceanera tablecloth options:

  • A red tablecloth is always a popular quinceanera choice. Red signifies coming of age, which is exactly what a quinceanera celebration is all about.
  • For a different vibe, this floral peacock design. It's a bit more earthy than our other suggestions, yet it manages to remain fun and elegant at the same time.

Best Holiday Tablecloths

Bring holiday magic into your home with this candy cane design. Available in 52” x 84,” 60” x 84,” 52” x 104,” 60” x 104,” 52” x 120,” and 60” x 120” sizes, this tablecloth will highlight togetherness as you gather the people that matter.

Whether you are preparing a small holiday meal or a big family gathering, this fun tablecloth will bring cheer to your holiday meals.

Other excellent designs from our holiday tablecloth collection:

Christmas Tablecloths

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with this ornamental Christmas pattern. Available in 52” x 84,” 60” x 84,” 52” x 104,” 60” x 104,” 52” x 120,” and 60” x 120” sizes, this Christmas tablecloth will brighten the mood of even the jolliest celebration.

This tablecloth will complement any Christmas decor.

Other top Christmas choices:

Easter Tablecloths

Wish a happy Easter to your family and friends with this butterflies and eggs pattern. Normally, we prefer light-colored Easter tablecloths, but we happen to love how this dark background allows the eggs, butterflies, and ribbons to pop out.

Available in 54” x 54,” 60” x 60,” 70” x 70,” 84” x 84,” and 90” x 90” sizes, this Easter tablecloth will look ideal with matching Easter table runners and cloth napkins.

Other top Easter tablecloth selections:

Hanukkah Tablecloths

Celebrate the festival of lights with this Star of David design. This indispensable piece of Hanukkah decor manages to be both traditional and modern, classic and trendy. It comes in three different sizes: 60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120.”

We love this polyester tablecloth because of its durability. You can machine wash or wipe clean and it is ready for use again. Plus, it is stain and wrinkle resistant.

Here are some other original designs from our Hanukkah tablecloth collection:

Valentine’s Day Tablecloths

We love these shaded hearts, and you will love them too. Make that special one fall in love with you (and your Valentine’s table decor). It is available in 52” x 84,” 60” x 84,” 52” x 104,” 60” x 104,” 52” x 120,” and 60” x 120” sizes.

This could be our top choice out of all the amazing designs in our Valentine’s Day tablecloth collection.

Some other great V-Day options:

4th of July Tablecloths

Show your patriotic spirit with this star-spangled design, available in 60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120” sizes. One of our top 4th of July tablecloths, this pattern will bring the American spirit to your indoor or outdoor party.

Choose a matching 4th of July table runner and napkin set for the ultimate patriotic aesthetic.

Other top Independence Day picks:

For more American spirit, shop our entire patriotic tablecloth collection.

Halloween Tablecloths

Give your guests a spooky surprise with these pumpkin witch hats. This tablecloth is available in 60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120” rectangular sizes.

Check out our Halloween napkin collection to find a cloth napkin set to match.

Other top picks for Halloween party decor:

Best For Farmhouse Style

Add a simple touch of charm to your dining table with these pastel stripes. This striped tablecloth comes in three sizes: 60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120.”

Its simple, bright, repetitive pattern will never grow old. You’ll use this farmhouse tablecloth for many years.

Other top picks for farmhouse interiors:

Don’t forget to grab some farmhouse or hemstitch napkins to complete your tablescape.

Best Floral Tablecloths

These tropical flowers will brighten your dining room all year. Whether your space has neutral or bright tones, this tablecloth will harmonize. It might just be our favorite out of our entire floral tablecloth collection.  

It sets a cheery backdrop for everyday meals and special gatherings alike and comes in 60” x 84,” 60” x 104,” and 60” x 120” sizes.

Other floral favorites:

Best Spring Tablecloths

Start the season in style with this springtime lily pattern. This vibrant tablecloth is available in three sizes: 60" x 84," 60" x 104," and 60" x 120."

Its bright background and gentle flowers make a perfect foundation for any spring table decor.

Other spring top picks:

Best Summer Tablecloths

Have a summer vibe all year long with this tulip time tablecloth, available in 60" x 84," 60" x 104," and 60" x 120" sizes. If you love tulips as much as we do, you’ll want this tablecloth to be an essential part of your home fashion.

Whether you're looking for an indoor or outdoor tablecloth, this hardworking and elegant table cover will serve you in any situation, all year long.

Other top picks from our summer tablecloth collection:

  • Don’t look at it if you’re feeling hungry! This ice cream pattern is perfect for those endless, sweltering summer days.
  • This flamingo pattern invites the tropics into your interior. Warning: you may start obsessing about your next vacation.

Best Fall Tablecloths

Who doesn’t love buffalo check, especially in autumn? Honor the season and complement your fall decor with this orange and black pattern. It is available in three sizes: 60" x 84," 60" x 104," and 60" x 120."

This checkered pattern offers the perfect backdrop for cozy autumn get-togethers.

More options from our fall tablecloth collection:

Round out your autumn table decor with a set of cotton or polyester napkins from our fall napkin collection.

Best Winter Tablecloths

Bring a winter wonderland into your home with this watercolor winter design. It is available in 52” x 84,” 60” x 84,” 52” x 104,” 60” x 104,” 52” x 120,” and 60” x 120” sizes. If you love winter, you’ll love these cute snowmen and Christmas motifs.

Browse through our collection of winter table runners and winter napkins and get all the table linens you need to create the ultimate seasonal setting.

Other excellent options from our winter tablecloth collection:

Unique Tablecloths

Your family is not typical, and neither should your table be. Here are some eye-catching tablecloths to liven up your space.

We also love these unique designs:

Browse our entire tablecloth collection to find the table covering that fits your family’s unique style.

Tablecloths FAQ

What are the three types of tablecloths?

Tablecloths usually come in three shapes: round, square, and rectangle. We sell all three shapes.

What is the best material for tablecloths?

Cotton, a soft natural fiber, is a great tablecloth fabric. It's soft, easy to iron, easy to clean, and mostly machine washable. Shop our entire cotton tablecloth collection today.

What is the purpose of a tablecloth?

Tablecloths are used for covering tables for decorative as well as practical purpose.

For example, a St. Patrick’s Day tablecloth usually has shamrocks or other Irish designs to invoke the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

Thanksgiving tablecloths usually have fall-inspired or harvest pumpkin designs.

Damask tablecloths combine a soft, natural feel with performance and durability.

Jacquard tablecloths can complement any home aesthetics—from vintage to shabby chic to modern.

How much should a tablecloth hang over?

A tablecloth should hang six to ten inches over the ends of a table. That drop is ideal for casual dinners. A 30-inch overhang is perfect for formal occasions.

How often should you wash your tablecloths?

Tablecloths should be washed at least once a month and more frequently if they are dirty. Most tablecloths and linens should be fine if washed in cold water and on the permanent press cycle.

What exactly is cotton linen fabric?

Pure cotton is used in the sewing of cotton-linen fabric. This makes it difficult to deform, anti-static, and free of rolling and edge problems. These fabrics are also environmentally friendly because they are made from natural materials.

Are linen or cotton napkins better?

Cotton napkins absorb more than linen napkins making them ideal for many occasions.

Can you wash classic hemstitch tablecloths in the washing machine?

Yes, hemstitch tablecloths can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water.

Do you offer vinyl tablecloths?

We don’t offer vinyl tablecloths. We are sure you’ll find something to love in our wide selection of polyester tablecloths.

Are linen blend tablecloths stain resistant?

Linen blend tablecloths are fairly stain resistant, as are polyester tablecloths and polyester runners.

Do you offer tassel tablecloths?

We don’t sell tassel tablecloths, but we think you’ll love our collection of rustic tablecloths in cotton and polyester.

What is smooth linen used for?

Smooth linen is used for sheets as well as other bedding items (pillowcases, duvet covers, and summer covers). It's also great for table linens and curtains.

Are linen tablecloths suitable for formal events?

Nothing beats a traditional white linen tablecloth for formal events. Unless it’s a Milliken tablecloth. Those are really nice as well

What are the different types of napkins?

The seven most common types of napkins are:

  1. cocktail napkins
  2. luncheon napkins
  3. dinner napkins
  4. bistro napkins
  5. silverware napkins
  6. snack napkins
  7. rondo napkins