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Celebrate the festival of lights with elegant cloth Hanukkah napkins. Luncheon, beverage, or dinner napkins will add that special touch to your Hanukkah party.

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Hanukkah Cloth Napkins

Our cloth napkins are essential to your Hanukkah table decor. The right napkin set will give the final, elegant touch to your table setting.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect luncheon napkins or some elegant supper napkins, your table decoration will be on point for this significant Jewish holiday. Get napkin rings and holders, and your holiday party is about to begin.

Our cocktail napkins can be used for your Hanukkah brunch or dinner. Star of David, menorah memories, and many other napkin designs will help you wish a Happy Hanukkah to your loved ones. Our holiday cocktail napkins bring the Hanukkah spirit—at any time of year.

Your napkin rings, napkin holders, and Hanukkah holiday napkins can bring any tabletop decor to life.

Hanukkah Napkin Fabric

For your Hanukkah celebration, our cotton and polyester cloth napkin sets are an ideal choice.

Whether you’re looking for dinner, luncheon, or beverage napkins, you’ll find a cotton napkin set that takes your Hanukkah table from good to great.

If you’re planning a Hanukkah celebration outside, our polyester napkins perform well in outdoor settings. The right combination of outdoor tablecloths, runners, and party napkin designs will make your table setting come alive.

If you are looking for solid color designs, choose our Happy Hanukkah blue, white, or gold holiday table napkins.

Hanukkah Table Linens

If you’re looking for the perfect Hanukkah table covers, we’ve got all you need. Scope out our Hanukkah tablecloth collection to start your holiday table decoration. A themed tablecloth is a foundation for your Hanukkah table decor. Purple tint, dreidel menorah, or star of David decor are a few of our many amazing Hanukkah designs.

Next, you need to find the right table runner. Our Hanukkah table runner collection features many Hanukkah-themed patterns.

Here’s an idea: lay a Hanukkah-themed table runner over one of our white tablecloths and finish the setting with Hanukkah napkins.

Hanukkah Decoration Ideas

To complete your table decor for the Hanukkah holidays, place some Hanukkah dreidels and a menorah atop our table linens.

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Hanukkah Napkins FAQ

What are some Hanukkah decorations?

Some essential Hanukkah decorations are:

  • dreidels
  • Hanukkah candles
  • Happy Hanukkah banner
  • gelt
  • drip tray
  • blue and white lights

What are traditional Hanukkah gifts?

Traditional Hanukkah gifts are called “gelt”, which means “coins”. You can either choose to give real money or chocolate coins. You can also gift menorah, candles, or dreidels.

What are the best Hanukkah hostess gifts?

Here are some examples of the best Hanukkah hostess gifts:

  • chocolate
  • candles
  • books
  • board games
  • gourmet applesauce

Why are Hanukkah colors blue and white?

Hanukkah blue and white are traditional Jewish colors and are reflected in the Israeli flag. Blue represents the “splendors of the firmament,” and white represents the “radiance of the priesthood.”

Are your Hanukkah napkins machine washable?

Yes, all our products are machine washable. They are all also stain resistant and durable.

What can I use instead of cloth napkins?

Many things can be used instead of cloth napkins, but we don’t recommend any of them. If you really want, you can use washcloths and paper guest towels.

Investing in a good set of cloth napkins is always a better solution.

Do you offer Happy Hanukkah paper napkins?

No, we don’t sell paper napkins. Take a look at our wide selection of Hanukkah polyester and cotton napkin designs. We think you’ll love this menorah napkin set for your Hanukkah celebration.

How can I decorate for a Jewish wedding party?

Some of the things you should have at your Jewish wedding party are:

  • wedding Kiddush cups
  • flower centerpieces
  • wedding sign
  • chuppah—a canopy under which the groom and the bride stand during the ceremony
  • crystal chandeliers

Are paper plates a good solution for special occasions?

Paper plates can be a good solution for any special occasion if you don’t want to spend time washing dishes—and if you’re not going for an upscale setting. If you want a classy, elegant vibe, opt for real dishes, real cutlery, and (of course) real cloth table linens.

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