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Fun and spooky Halloween table runner designs for a memorable Halloween!

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Halloween Table Runner Patterns

Looking for a table runner for Halloween but don’t know which pattern to choose? Whether you’re hosting a big event or a small family Halloween party, our unique table runner patterns are sure to delight your guests.

From spider webs to retro skulls and flowers to bloodshot eyeballs, our unique designs will provide the best Halloween table decoration.

Cotton Halloween Table Runners

Our cotton table runners will be the perfect complement to your Halloween decor. With your table covered, you’ll be able to add other decorations to your tablescape. Then, all that remains is to put on your Halloween costumes and enjoy the party.

A pumpkin decoration is a classic choice for any Halloween dinner table. Check out our pumpkin smiles, corny pumpkins, pumpkin ghost faces and many other table runner designs to get inspiration.

If pumpkins aren’t your thing, we’ve got plenty of other Halloween table runner designs to choose from.

Polyester Halloween Table Runners

For an outdoor party decoration, our polyester Halloween table runners will withstand the fall weather while making your Halloween decor appropriately spine-chilling.

With appropriately stylish fall skulls, funny cats, or creepy zombie hands and eye designs, your dinner table decor will elicit screams of delight.

Halloween Napkins

A Halloween table isn’t complete without Halloween napkins. A good set of Halloween napkins brings a themed table decor together. Among our most popular designs, you can find elegant flowering skulls, simple yet spine-chilling pumpkin smiles, and frightening steel fall skulls.

You can always add some original notes to your Halloween table and opt for a set of napkins with Pac-Man or funny cat designs.

Halloween Tablecloths

Nothing completes the Halloween table settings more than the right tablecloth. Your linen table runners will look freakishly awesome atop any of our tablecloths. Choose between pumpkins and autumn dots, a pot of candy corn, and dia de Los Muertos skulls to make your Halloween table mysterious enough.

Whether you are a fan of orchid rocker skulls or pumpkin ghost faces, you’ll find a Halloween tablecloth to match your taste.

Match the runner to the tablecloth, or offset it with a different pattern. For example, overlaying a bloodshot eyeballs runner to a candy corn tablecloth will unleash a storm of Halloween-ness that the world has not yet seen.

Which is better, a tablecloth or table runner?

Tablecloths and runners both make for awesome Halloween table decor and are a great way to protect your dining table. Which one you choose will depend on your personal preferences, as well as on the type of table you have.

  • For a round table, a round tablecloth is best
  • For a square table, you could opt for a square tablecloth or a table runner
  • For a rectangular table, a runner or tablecloth are equally viable, depending on whether you want to show off the edges of your table’s finish


If you don’t want to cover your square or rectangular table completely, opt for an elegant runner that will let your table edges show. And, if you want a table covering that covers the entire table, choose one of the many unique Halloween tablecloths we have to offer.

If you have a plastic table, you’ll probably want a table cloth that covers it completely. On the other hand, if your table is made of solid reclaimed oak, show that beautiful wood off by leaving the edges exposed.

Also, you don’t have to choose between a tablecloth vs a runner! You can say yes to both and lay a runner over a tablecloth.

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Halloween Table Runners FAQ

What is the point of a table runner?

Table decor and protection are the two main points of a table runner. Table runners make dining table decorations more appealing. A holiday party always looks better if your table is set up properly - just think about a vase with flowers on the top of the dinner table with an elegant table runner and without it… which one looks better?!

Should runners hang over the table?

Yes, a table runner should hang over the table. Ideally, table runners should hang at least 6 inches over each end of the table. If you have a tablecloth under your runner, the runner shouldn’t be longer than the tablecloth.

Can you put a table runner over a tablecloth?

Yes, you can put a table runner over a tablecloth. Many people like table runners that stand out from the neutral colors of their tablecloths. But you can also match them in the same design (we offer many designs of table runners and tablecloths that match).

Do you sell Halloween coffee table runners?

Our table runners are ideal for your coffee table and Halloween dinner parties. You just have to select the correct size. Make your Halloween decoration unique with our orchid rocker skulls, Halloween usual characters, pumpkin witch hats and many more.

Do you have quilted table runners?

No, we don’t offer quilted table runners, but you’ll find a design to match your table setting among our polyester and cotton table runners. Choose between bloodshot eyeballs, hipster skulls and bones, pumpkins in hats, and many other designs that will get your Halloween table covered and stylish.

How to set up spooky Halloween decor?

Our collection of Halloween-themed table runners, tablecloths, and napkins will complete your Halloween decor.

Choose between our non-printed and printed table runners with the design that will match your party decoration and you’re halfway gone to hosting the best Halloween party ever.

Which Halloween crafts can you make for the holiday?

Halloween crafts are fun for adults and kids alike. For example, pumpkin slime, Halloween jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin keepsake crafts, and handprint clay pumpkins are just a few crafts you can make together.

You can also use some of our Halloween napkins to make Halloween napkin luminaries. Place them on the top of an orange table runner and your party decorations are ready.

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