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Round Tablecloth Sizes

Looking for the perfect table cloth for your round table? Whether you have a 30, 48, 60 or 72-inch round table, our round table cloths are the right way to decorate your dining table. From abstract black lace and winter patterns to red berries and decorative flowers on lace, you’ll find something to match your taste.

Here is a tablecloth size chart for common sizes of round tables.

Table Size People Tablecloth size (inches) Drop in inches


























Round Linen Tablecloths

Have a round table? Check out our website for the round linen tablecloth collection and choose one of our heavyweight, rustic linen tablecloths in purple, white, green, and black color.

Polyester Round Tablecloths

If you have round tables in your backyard, getting the polyester table cloths is the right choice if you want to keep your tables fresh and clean, regardless of the weather. The polyester round tablecloths can also be great for your outdoor party. Nothing stands out as a nice and shiny tablecloth.

Opt for our tulip time or floral summer polyester round tablecloths for your summer outdoor party. Or flowering trees and blue butterflies can be your choice… Or, any of them - they’re all to die for.

Imagine pines or winter swirls and twirls as your table cover during the winter outdoor party. Our winter polyester round tablecloths are the best party decor, and with an array to choose from, we’ve made choosing just one a hard job for you.

Cotton Round Tablecloths

Our round cotton tablecloths provide the perfect tabletop decor for your home. Just add napkins and other decorations, and your tablescape is ready for guests.

Colorful summer cotton tablecloths are always in season. Check out our navy blue and dusty blue stripes, picnic checkerboard design and American argyle rounds.

Invoke a breath of spring any time of year with our cotton spring tablecloth collection. Choose from our umbrellas, rain boots, garden, and rain designs.

Round Party Tablecloths

Hosting a party is overwhelming, but at least your tablecloth will be on point. Whether gathering family for a Thanksgiving party or you want to surprise your loved one for Valentine’s Day, our beautiful round tablecloths will set the stage.

For the perfect wedding party decor, opt for our Victorian wedding lace tablecloth. Or choose from any of our other round wedding tablecloths to get the best wedding table decor.

Round Linen Tablecloths

Searching for an ideal round linen tablecloth? Check out our shop to find just the right linen table cloth for your round table. For casual dinners or formal occasions, our linen tablecloths go well with every mood and setting.  

Antique gold, purple, belize blue, and gold rounds are just a few of our best-selling designs. They’re all easy to match with our linen napkins and runners.

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Round Tablecloths FAQ

How much should a tablecloth hang over?

For traditional occasions, a half drop is acceptable, meaning that a tablecloth will hang halfway to the floor. For more formal occasions, a tablecloth should touch the floor. The reason for that is it will cover the legs of the table, chairs and guests.

Can tablecloths be stylish?

Yes, tablecloths can be stylish. Table covers can never be too fancy, so in our shop, you can find so many modern, stylish designs that cannot be missed. Whether you’re hosting a big indoor event or need an outdoor tablecloth, your table will be tip-top.

How do you pick a tablecloth color?

White is the most popular color for tablecloths. But choosing the right color for the tablecloth can depend on a lot of things. You should consider the overall visual goal you want to accomplish. Also, timeless designs are always better than trendy ones.

Black tablecloths, geometric lattice and red berry weave are just a few of our unique designs that can fit any occasion.

Do you sell table runners and napkins?

Yes, we sell table runners and napkins. Check out our awesome designer colors and patterns, including sage green, turquoise, and pink tablecloths, napkins and table runners. For fabulous coordinated aesthetic, match tablecloths to table runners or napkins.

You can find our table overlays in different shapes to match the form of your table. Choose between linen round, rectangular and square shapes.

How many people can fit in a 60-inch round?

Eight people can fit around a 60-inch round table comfortably. Reducing the seating to six will give your guests more space. But if you try to sit ten, everyone will not be able to slide their chairs under the table.

Do you sell vinyl tablecloths?

No, we don’t sell vinyl tablecloths (also known as PVC tablecloths), but we offer cotton tablecloths, linen tablecloths, polyester tablecloths, and fitted tablecloths. On our website, you’ll find many different shapes, sizes and designs of tablecloths that can match your style. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween bash or a rustic wedding party, we’ve got just the tablecloth.

Which is the best cocktail tablecloth?

Tablecloths are a crucial part of any cocktail party. Well-designed table overlays combine the utility of tablecloths with an effective overall party decoration. Colorful mags, flamingo beach, lilies in blue, and purple flowers are just a few options you can choose to make your cocktail party colorful and interesting.

What are table skirts and chair sashes?

Table skirts are fabrics that cover the sides of the table and hang down from the edge of the table to the floor. Table skirts will give a beautiful look to your event tables. They are also used for hiding any flaws and imperfections.

Chair sashes are long and colorful strips of fabric tied to folding, chiavari, or banquet chairs for decoration. They can be a great addition to your rustic wedding party. Along with the tabletop decor, chair decor is also essential to any party decoration.

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