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Invite springtime into your living space at any time of year with our stylish spring-themed table runners. Our spring table linens are available in cotton and polyester.

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Spring Table Runner Patterns

Looking for a way to celebrate the spring season? Whether you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party or wanting to freshen up your interior decor, our spring-themed table runners will set the tone.

From simple solid colors to holiday-themed patterns, you’ll find a spring table runner for dining room tables, kitchen tables, and even patio and picnic tables.

If you’re getting a table runner, why not match it with some quality cloth napkins from our curated napkin collection? And, while you’re at it, one of our trendy tablecloths can go underneath the runner to really tie your decor together.

Here’s an idea: use this spring flower pattern with a pink tablecloth. Throw in some lace napkins to complement your springtime decorations.

Or, try this blossom design with a white tablecloth and some damask napkins.

Spring Table Runner Fabrics

Our polyester table runners will withstand whatever life throws at them while looking appropriately fashionable. Add a floral table centerpiece, and you will have a table setting everyone will remember. Our polyester table linens are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cotton table runners add style to your table decorations. Our elegant and stylish spring cotton table runners are ideal for complementing your Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and Mother’s Day decor tables. Or you can use them for everyday meals—they’re very versatile.

Spring Table Decor Ideas

Spring is the ideal season to update your home decor and inject new life into your living space. With these spring table décor ideas, we've got you covered if you're looking for ways to brighten up your dining table. From pastel colors to flower arrangements, these ideas will help you make a charming springtime atmosphere.

  1. Use fresh flowers as a centerpiece.
  2. Use placemats or napkins to add a splash of pastel color.
  3. Natural materials, such as wooden chargers or woven table runners, should be used.
  4. Choose fun designs like polka dots or stripes.
  5. To get an eclectic aesthetic, mix and match different styles of crockery.
  6. Set the table with potted plants or herb gardens to create a garden-inspired setting.
  7. Candles in spring scents like lavender or citrus will brighten the mood.
  8. Decorate with seasonal fruits such as lemons or strawberries.
  9. Make a homemade floral garland to hang over the table for a whimsical touch.


And, of course, our springtime table linens are always a great idea, no matter the time of year. Here are some popular springtime holidays, and ideas of how you can use our products to make the most of the occasion.


This year, create the ultimate Easter table decoration with pastel hues, charming centerpieces, and whimsical accents that communicate “Happy Easter” to family and friends.

Easter celebrates new beginnings and rejuvenation. As families gather around the table for a celebratory meal, the decor can help create a warm and inviting ambiance. Here are some Easter table decor ideas to add a whimsical and cheerful touch.

  1. Use pastel colors such as pink, green, blue, and yellow.
  2. Make a fun centerpiece out of Easter eggs, bunnies, or chicks.
  3. For a beautiful effect, combine vintage and modern decor components.
  4. Floral arrangements in springtime blossoms like tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths add a sense of elegance.
  5. Use our Easter-themed runners, tablecloths, napkins, and placemats
  6. Use eclectic dinnerware to create a colorful and diverse aesthetic.
  7. For a rustic look, use natural components such as moss, twigs, or feathers.
  8. Include amusing accessories like rabbit ear napkin rings or carrot-shaped utensils.
  9. Metallic accessories, such as gold or silver candleholders, add a bit of glitz.
  10. For a unique and festive touch, make a homemade egg tree or flower arrangement.


If you’re going for a traditional look, try this Easter egg table runner with an antique white tablecloth to create the ultimate aesthetic.

Or, imagine the magic that will bring this bunny pattern runner atop a white tablecloth and paired with an Easter egg napkin set.  

Spread the Easter joy with our Easter napkins, table runners, and tablecloths.

St. Patrick’s Day

Here are some terrific table decor ideas for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

  1. Green tablecloth or runner: as the foundation of your St. Patrick's Day decor, start with a green tablecloth or table runner.
  2. Shamrock centerpieces: as a centerpiece, use miniature potted shamrocks or fresh clovers in vases or baskets.
  3. A shamrock table runner with a sage green tablecloth and an Irish napkin set will complement your St. Patrick's Day decor.
  4. Gold accents: add some gold pieces to your table decor, such as gold flatware, gold-rimmed glasses, or gold napkin rings, for a sense of luxury.
  5. Fold your St. Patrick’s Day napkins into the shape of the Irish flag (green, white, and orange) and place one at each place setting.
  6. Favorite Pot of Gold: as party favors, make little pots filled with chocolate gold coins or other delicacies.
  7. Make your own shamrock coasters: to add a personal touch to your table design, make your own shamrock coasters out of felt or green construction paper.
  8. Create a winning combo with a green table runner, a white tablecloth, and this Irish pattern.
  9. Celtic knot table runner: to add a classic Irish touch to your table setting, choose a table runner with a Celtic knot pattern.
  10. Miniature leprechaun hats can be used as place card holders or as part of a centerpiece.
  11. Print Irish blessings on green paper and use them as placemats to add a heartwarming and inspiring touch to your St. Patrick's Day table decor.


Our St. Patrick’s Day collection includes a wide range of styles, from traditional green shamrocks to contemporary patterns. These table runners, made of high-quality materials, will add a lucky touch to your holiday decor. Buy St. Patrick's Day runners now and enjoy an amazing celebration!

Our collection includes something for everyone, whether you're throwing a holiday dinner party or simply want to add a splash of green to your home decor.

Everyday Spring Decor

As the winter melts and the flowers blossom, it's time to spruce up your dining room with a springtime flair. A well-decorated table can set the perfect ambiance, whether you're hosting a formal party or simply trying to add a pop of color to your regular meals. Here are some spring table décor ideas to get you started:

  1. Fresh flower arrangements: nothing says spring like fresh flowers. Arrange tulips, daisies, and other spring blooms in a vase or mason jar to make a vibrant centerpiece.
  2. Pastel accents: pastel colors are a spring decor mainstay. Napkins, placemats, and even candles in pink, mint, or lavender will provide a gentle touch to your table.
  3. Garden-inspired elements: bring a bit of the outdoors inside by including garden-inspired items into your table decor, such as miniature birdhouses, mossy terrariums, or potted herbs.
  4. Mix and match patterns: to create a playful and eclectic table arrangement, don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. For a whimsical and colorful design, mix florals, stripes, and polka dots.
  5. Natural components: to give texture and warmth to your table decor, use natural materials such as hardwood chargers, woven tablecloths, or linen napkins.
  6. Colorful tableware: replace your simple white dishes with something more colorful and vibrant. Bold-colored or patterned plates can offer a splash of color to your table.


Here are some specific table linen combinations our customers love!


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Spring Table Runner FAQ


What are spring colors?

Warm and bright colors like poppy red, daffodil yellow, and tangerine orange dominate a spring color palette. Ivory, cream, camel, and lighter browns are examples of neutral spring colors.


How can I decorate my spring table?

Here are some ideas for your spring tables:

  • fabric tulips
  • fruit and flower centerpiece
  • mini mason jars centerpiece
  • paper flower table runner
  • our spring table linens
  • paper flower centerpiece
  • simple spring table setting


Are embroidered table linens in style?

Embroidered table linens are in style. Our vintage, retro, and lace table linens are equally elegant, and we are sure you’ll fall in love with our designs.


Are linen table runners durable?

Linen table runners are durable. But you’ll love our cotton and polyester table runners designed for everyday dining and holiday-themed table decor.


What are some common color palettes for spring table decor?

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, and the colors that are associated with it show this. For spring table design, colors like soft pastels, bright floral colors, and earthy tones are often used. Here are some of the most popular spring table color schemes:

  • Gentle pastels: pale pink, lavender, mint green, and sky blue shades create a quiet and calming environment that is ideal for spring.
  • Vibrant florals: colors like fuchsia, yellow, and orange provide a splash of excitement and energy to your table decor.
  • Earthy tones: browns, greens, and neutral beige and taupe colors bring the outside inside, creating a natural and organic vibe for your table setting.
  • Monochromatic: selecting a single hue and varying its tints and textures might result in a refined and elegant design for your spring table decor.
  • A basic black and white color scheme can be given a modern twist by incorporating a few splashes of color, such as coral or turquoise.


Lastly, the color palette you choose for your spring table decorations should show off your own style and taste while also giving your guests a fresh and warm feeling.


How can I make my spring table decor look cohesive without being too matchy-matchy?

Here are some tips to help you decorate your table in a stylish and consistent way:

  1. Pick a color scheme: choose a color palette that matches the colors already existing in your dining room or a color scheme that reflects the season, such as soft pastels or brilliant florals.
  2. Use diverse patterns and textures, such as florals, stripes, and tartan, to create depth and interest to your table design. To bind them together, use patterns that have a common color or element.
  3. Natural materials, such as fresh flowers, potted plants, or woven tablecloths, can help to create a coherent and organic aesthetic for your spring table design.
  4. Employ repetition: by repeating a specific element, such as a specific color or type of flower, you may create a sense of unity and harmony in your table design.
  5. Change the heights and textures: using components of varying heights and textures, such as a tall vase of flowers, a low candle, or a textured table runner, can add visual interest and keep your table design from being too uniform.


By using these ideas, you can create a cohesive and appealing spring table decor that feels intentional and put together without being too matchy-matchy.


Do dining table runners only appear at formal events?

No, dining table runners can be used for both formal and informal settings. They can add elegance to a formal dinner party or a splash of color to a casual family meal.

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