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White tablecloth designs for every season and event! Square, round, and rectangular tablecloths for everyday dining, special gatherings, and holidays.

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Trendy White Tablecloths

Looking for some trendy table covers for your next holiday party? Our white tablecloths give a classic look to any event. Made of cotton and polyester fabric, our white tablecloth designs will help you achieve table decor to match your style.

Cotton tablecloths will protect your tables and make them elegant. Whether you’re planning an Easter or Christmas party, or preparing Valentine's Day dinner, our cotton fabric tablecloths have you covered.

Our commercial grade polyester table cloths are durable yet elegant, and make the perfect outdoor table covering. So if you’re hosting an outdoor family gathering or a wedding party, our white tablecloths—with matching runners and napkins—will create a timeless impression.

Try our classy cloth tablecloths and you’ll never think about getting disposable tablecloths again.

White Tablecloth Shapes

See our tablecloth size charts for common round, square, and rectangle tablecloth sizes.

Round Tablecloths

For your round tables, take a look at our round tablecloth designs. Our white round tablecloths can be a perfect foundation for your table decor. Solid color designs are always a good choice, so browse through our ivory, white, and antique white tablecloths.

Rectangle Tablecloths

Dress your rectangle tables with our rectangle tablecloth designs. Whether your style runs to vintage, or you prefer a modern aesthetic, we’ve got your style.

Floral lace, khaki and white cabana stripes, and white rose garlands are just a few of our popular designs. Choose yours and complete your event decor.

Square Tablecloths

Bring your table decor to life with our square table overlays. Square tablecloths are ideal for any season and occasion. Whether you’re going for a retro, elegant, or farmhouse aesthetic, our square lace tablecloths, rustic tablecloths, or elegant tablecloths can help you achieve that.

White Table Linens

Complete your party table decoration with matching table runners and napkins, and you’ll get a festive tabletop everyone will remember. Whatever linen size you need, we’ve got it.

Get napkin rings and choose some white napkins to unify your themed table. Match them with the right white table runners, and your tablescape is ready to impress.

Festive White Table Cloths

For your wedding decoration, our white tablecloths are an ideal choice. They are elegant yet durable, plus stain and wrinkle resistant. Pair them with chair sashes, and you’ll get unbridled elegance. Choose white tablecloths for your bridal party, wedding reception, or any other event.

For your birthday table decor, choose our polyester white tablecloths with disposable tableware and napkins of your choice. Some floral vases and party balloons will give a festive touch to your birthday party.

Metal floral vases, along with cherry blossom or baby breath table runner designs on your white tablecloth, will complete your floral table decoration.

If you love greenery aesthetics, our white tablecloths with garlands will pair with your greenery panels.

For the perfect fall decoration, match solid white tablecloths with seasonal fall leaves, pumpkins, or foliage illustration patterns.

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White Tablecloths FAQ

What are the types of chair covers?

Types of chair covers are:

  • folding chair covers
  • spandex
  • polyester
  • universal chair covers
  • banquet chair covers
  • Chiavari chair covers

What is the advantage of table skirts?

Table skirts are a great way to hide table legs and any imperfections your tables may have. Long tablecloths with a sizable overhang can also do the job.

Can you use gauze cheesecloth and jute burlap table runners for your birthday party?

Yes, you can use gauze cheesecloth and jute burlap table runners for your birthday. Lay them on some of our white table covers, and you’ll get an elegant look your guests will love.

Which is more durable, cotton or cotton blend?

Cotton blends tend to be more durable than pure cotton fabrics. Mixing strong fabrics will make cloth stronger and more durable.

Which are machine washable and wrinkle resistant tablecloths?

Polyester makes for machine washable and wrinkle resistant tablecloths.

How do you wipe clean tablecloths?

Wipe clean tablecloths have a layer of water-resistant plastic on the fabric. They cannot be machine washed, dried, or ironed. You simply wipe them clean, and they are ready to use. However, wipe clean tablecloths tend not to last as long as quality cotton or polyester tablecloths.

Is disposable dinnerware good for weddings?

Disposable dinnerware can help you save money, but it is not as classy as your wedding tableware should be.

Is it better to use cloth or paper napkins?

One of the biggest advantages that cloth napkins have over paper napkins is sustainability. Cloth napkins have a longer lifespan, can be used multiple times, and are more effective. Plus, they’re so much more elegant and classy than disposable napkins.

What decoration can you use for your outdoor wedding party?

Here are some decorating supply ideas for your outdoor wedding:

  • flower wall panels
  • floral table centerpieces
  • party favors
  • paired chair sashes and table linens
  • glass candle holders
  • white aisle runners
  • backdrop stands for photo booths
  • party balloons
  • matching chair pads

Is linen fabric good for table linens?

Yes, linen is a good fabric and linen tablecloths, runners, and linen napkins can be used for any party decor. Our commercial grade polyester fabric table linens are equally elegant and durable.

What decoration can I use for my rustic wedding?

To complete your wedding reception, choose lace tablecloths and lace table runners. You can also combine rustic burlap runners with white tablecloths. Add some napkin rings and the right napkin set.

For your outdoor party, polyester fabric table linens are an ideal choice. If you have rectangular tables, browse through our collection of polyester rectangle tablecloths to find the design to match. For round tables, our round white or lace round tablecloths can make a statement.

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