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Give an elegant touch to your table decor with our boho napkins! Bohemian napkins create the most understated, artistic boho table decor.

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Boho Cloth Napkins

If your style runs to retro or rustic, take a look at our wide selection of boho napkins. For your boho party, rustic wedding, or farmhouse interior, our boho table napkins are a perfect choice.

Rose floral, geometrical, or lace napkin designs will complete your table decoration. With party tableware and napkin rings, you’ll have a party decoration to remember.

We offer an array of cocktail, dinner, and luncheon napkins for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a perfect boho napkin set for your wedding party, bridal shower, holiday events, or dinner parties, we have a design to match.

Boho Napkin Fabrics

Browse through our collection of polyester and cotton cloth dinner napkins.

Cotton Napkins

Whether you’re going for a boho chic or farmhouse aesthetic, or you just want to decorate your dinner table, our boho cotton napkins can help you achieve it.

Our Navy blue boho set makes the ultimate party napkins for your boho table. With the right napkin holders and napkin rings, these cotton cloth napkins will look amazing.

Polyester Napkins

For your outdoor party, our polyester napkins are a perfect choice. With the right tablecloths and runners, your outdoor table decor will have that festive look everyone craves.  

Within our collection, you’ll find dinner napkins for your next family gathering, or cocktail napkins for your elegant wedding reception.

Boho Table Linens

To get the best from your boho table decor, choose from our wide selection of boho tablecloths and table runners. From solid colors to printed designs, you’ll find a pattern to match your style.

For example, white tablecloths paired with the right table runner can complement your boho themed party. Take a look at our boho table runner collection and get lost in the sheer awesomeness. Sage green, red, and blue table runners are just a few of the types you will encounter.

Festive Boho Napkins

To complete your boho baby shower, bridal shower, wedding decoration, or any party decor, our festive napkin sets are perfect.

  • Create a boho Christmas vibe this year
  • Add a bit of flair to your farmhouse interior
  • Put on a rustic outdoor Easter table spread 
  • Throw a boho-themed birthday party
  • Host a rustic Thanksgiving dinner


The boho style is so versatile; you can adapt it to almost any occasion. And our boho napkins help create just the effect you’re going for.

Boho Wedding

For your boho wedding table decor, our lace or boho decor designs are a great choice.

Your bohemian heart will skip a beat at the sheer beauty and variety of our wedding napkins. Browse floral wedding designs, earth-toned solid colors, harvest motifs, and dozens of other boho favorites. Your wedding table will be storybook perfect when our boho linens pair with your awesome floral arrangement for the ultimate elegant-rustic aesthetic.

Here’s a farmhouse wedding idea: use antique white tablecloths, with lace table runners over them. Combine with the right set of rustic napkins, and you’ve got a look worthy of a magazine.

Boho Bridal Shower

If you’re hosting a boho themed party for your (or your best friend’s) bridal shower, don’t even try to pull it off without our bridal shower napkins, boho table runners, and boho tablecloths. Top the setting off with appropriately-rustic tableware and shower favors, and you’ll have a setting worthy of a Bavarian bride.

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Boho Napkins FAQ

Is it better to use cloth or paper napkins?

Cloth napkins are better than paper napkins in almost every way.

  • More sustainable
  • Reusable
  • Classier
  • More effective


In fact, paper napkins have only one advantage over cloth: they’re cheaper—at least in the short term. When you consider that you can use a good set of cloth napkins for years, cloth napkins start looking pretty good even in the price department.

What can I use instead of cloth napkins?

Cloth napkins are awesome; you should use them. But, if you were to substitute other items, here are some options:

  • hand towels
  • kitchen towels
  • disposable paper napkins
  • guest towels
  • washcloths
  • old cut-up T-shirts
  • your pet dog
  • paper hand towels
  • your own pants (just kidding; don’t do this)


None of these come even close to a good set of cloth napkins. Why settle for second (or third, or eighth) best? Get high-quality cloth napkins—and don’t wipe your hands on the dog.

How can I decorate my boho themed table?

To decorate your boho themed table, you can use:

  • some greenery
  • a pampas grass table centerpiece
  • dried flowers
  • crystal candles
  • layered fabrics
  • wooden beads
  • bohemian table linens
  • macrame napkin rings
  • boho napkin rings

Are boho napkins machine washable?

Yes, all our products are machine washable. They’re also stain and wrinkle resistant.

How do you wash cheesecloth gauze napkins?

The best way to clean your cheesecloth napkins is to rinse them with warm water after every use.

How do you make handmade napkins?

Hand made napkins are not too hard to sew, even for beginners. You can choose the color, material, style, size, etc. to make them totally customized for your needs and taste.

  1. To start your project, you will need to gather your supplies. You will need:
    • a fat quarter of fabric per napkin
    • matching thread
    • sewing machine
    • iron
    • scissors
  2. Cut your fabric to form 18” squares.
  3. Fold and press corners at 1 ½”, then cut off a tiny 1-inch triangle from that folded part. Repeat this step on all four corners.
  4. Double-fold edges
  5. Topstitch around the napkin


Your DIY cloth napkin is ready for use!

You can also make monogrammed napkins by sewing your name, surname, or initials.


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