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Cloth Wedding Napkins

Cloth napkins are the perfect way to tie your table party decorations together. Choose your ideal set of luncheon, beverage, or dinner napkins and place them next to your favorite dinner plates. With the right napkin rings, your napkins will make everyone fall in love with your wedding party table.

From damask and vintage lace to white roses, we offer an array of wedding napkin designs to delight every happy couple—and their guests.

If you prefer solid colors, take a look at our silver foil and gold foil napkins. Along with the right table runners and tablecloths, your party decor will stand out.

For your cocktail party, browse our wedding cocktail napkins. From boho napkins to vintage to modern, you’ll find a pattern to match your style.

Our cocktail wedding napkins are durable yet elegant enough for your engagement party and bridal party. Later, you will also be able to use them for your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Napkin Fabrics

Choose from our wide selection of dinner, luncheon, and beverage napkins available in cotton and polyester fabrics.

Cotton Wedding Napkins

Protect your table and make it elegant with our cotton napkins. Our beautiful and sustainable cotton table napkins are ideal for a wedding reception and even wedding gifts.

Multi hearts in stripes, pink leaves, rainbows and hearts, and abstract arrows are just a few designs you can opt for. Choose between gold napkins, foil stamped and white napkin designs if you prefer a solid color tabletop decor.

Polyester Wedding Napkins

For outdoor wedding parties (especially sand ceremonies), our polyester napkins are an ideal choice. Polyester wedding napkins are durable yet elegant enough to be among your wedding accessories at the big event.

Scope out our confetti hearts, checkmate hearts, and lace napkin designs to find the right pattern to match your wedding dinner.

Wedding Table Linens

If you have your wedding cake, unity candle, note cards, bottle labels, cake toppers and favor bags ready, you only need one more thing to complement your ceremony accessories. The right combination of wedding table runner and tablecloth makes a gorgeous statement.

Paired with matching aisle runners, your wedding table linens will bring your decor to the next level.

Pink magnolia flowers, retro garden, pink geometric shapes, and crochet lace flowers are a few of our most popular table runner designs you can opt for.

From shaded hearts to burnished gold to vintage deco lace, we offer an array of wedding tablecloth designs to complement all wedding decors.

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Wedding Napkins FAQ

How many napkins do you need for a wedding?

Usually, 3-4 cocktail napkins are needed per guest. If you’re using dinner or luncheon napkins, plan 1.5 napkins per person. So, if you have 100 guests, you will need around 150 dinner napkins.

What is the purpose of bar napkins?

Bar (or cocktail) napkins are served with drinks (with the exception of beer). This way, you will keep your hands dry from the condensation that forms around the glass.

How do you display napkins at the wedding?

From perfectly draped linens to elegantly knotted napkins, there are many ways to take your wedding reception to the next level. Napkin squares, loosely rolled and draped napkins are some of the options you also have.

Can you use your wedding napkins for other events?

You can use wedding napkins for other events, such as Bar Mitzvahs, birthday parties, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners.

Are cloth or paper napkins better for bachelorette parties and weddings?

We don’t recommend paper napkins for weddings. Instead, cloth napkins are reusable, sustainable, and more classy.

What can you use instead of napkins?

You can use guest hand towels, washcloths, and paper towels. Although all those are good substitutions for napkins, nothing can replace a good set of napkins. It’s your big day: use good cloth napkins.

What is the standard napkin size?

6” x 6” is the standard size for cocktail napkins. Luncheon napkins come in two sizes, 18” x 18” and 20” x 20”. Dinner napkins can be 22” x 22” or 24” x 24”. Party napkins usually measure between 4.75” and 5” square.

Do you offer personalized napkins for weddings?

We don’t offer personal wedding napkins or any other personalized table linen designs. Our cloth napkins are elegant and complement any formal or informal event.

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