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Use green plaid tablecloth designs for special occasions or casual times with friends. Dress your round, rectangle, and square tables in green for the ultimate impression.

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Green Plaid Tablecloth Patterns

Green plaid table covers make for cheerful and timeless table decor. Dress your table to impress everyone at your Christmas party or family gathering. From buffalo plaid to plaid red to tartan plaid tablecloth designs, you’ll find the one that matches your taste.

Give your tabletop decor a holiday update with our plaid table cloths. Green tartan plaid tablecloths are perfect for small family dinners and big holiday parties.

Green Tablecloth Fabrics

Add the perfect seasonal touch to your dinner table with our decorative tablecloth designs on cotton and polyester fabrics.

Polyester Green Plaid Tablecloths

If you’re hosting an outdoor party, our polyester tablecloths add an elegant touch. Checkered tablecloths are always a good choice for holiday dinners if you want to go slightly unconventional.

Cotton Green Plaid Tablecloths

Cotton tablecloths will bring your home decor to life. When draped across the dining table, cotton table linen designs give parties a festive touch.

Greet tartan is perfect for spring table decor—but is a perennial favorite for all seasons. For wintertime, our cotton tablecloths with classic plaid patterns are sure to make a statement.

Green Plaid Round Tablecloths

For your round tables, opt for our round tablecloths with buffalo or tartan plaid designs. Buffalo plaid tablecloths can complement any holiday decor; don’t hesitate to order them for your St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, or birthday party.

Plaid Green Rectangle Tablecloths

Give your holiday table a green sparkle with one of our rectangle tablecloths. Green and red plaid rectangle tablecloths make for terrific Christmas decor.

Match your rectangular tablecloths with the right set of napkins and napkin rings, and you’ll have a festive tabletop everyone will remember.

Green Plaid Square Tablecloths

If you want to dress your square table, we’ve got you covered! Our square tablecloths are perfect for all seasons and occasions.

Checkered tablecloth designs are perfect for any occasion.

Festive Green Plaid Tablecloths

Celebrate Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day, complete your wedding party decoration, or create a home farmhouse style with our green plaid table cover designs.

For your Christmas party, check out our green or green and red plaid Christmas tablecloth designs.

Checkered gingham tablecloths will look incredibly festive as a part of your St. Patrick’s Day decorating supplies. Complement your holiday table decor with matching table runners and napkins for the ultimate impression.

If you like the farmhouse style, take a look at our farmhouse tablecloth designs. Red and white or solid white plaid patterns can be the right choice for your checkered farmhouse decor.

A checkered design can also be perfect for your wedding decor. Browse through our checkered gingham polyester tablecloth designs to find the perfect look. Match it with the right table runners and napkin set for the ultimate wedding aesthetic.

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Green Plaid Tablecloths FAQ

Do green gingham tablecloths look elegant?

Green gingham tablecloths are the best for creating a cozy vibe. For an elegant look, you should take a look at white tablecloth designs.  

Are vinyl tablecloths waterproof?

Yes, vinyl tablecloths are waterproof. They are also stain resistant and are good for outside use. Polyester fabric tablecloths are also ideal for outside table decor and can give a more elegant look than vinyl tablecloths.

Which tablecloth material is stain and wrinkle resistant?

Polyester fabric is stain and wrinkle resistant. Polyester is perfect for everyday use, but can be also used for all event decors.

Are you selling tablecloths for a farmhouse wedding?

Yes, we do. Our classic farmhouse and red plaid tablecloth designs can be a terrific part of your farmhouse wedding decoration. You can also take a look at our green and white, navy blue, buffalo check, polka dot, and Scottish tartan tablecloth patterns.

How can I get the right tablecloth size for my table?

See our guide to tablecloth sizes for common square, round, and rectangular tables and find the right tablecloth size.

Are there any differences between plaid and tartan tablecloths?

Both plaid and tartan tablecloths contain horizontal and vertical lines that intersect at 90 degree angles. “Plaid” is mainly used by Americans to describe a multi-colored, cross-lined pattern. “Tartan” usually describes the plaid tablecloths associated with a clan.

Most clans had hunting tartans. For example, the Royal Stewart tartan traces back its origins to the Stewart clan from the Western Highlands.

Check out our full collection of Scottish tablecloths.

What does cotton blend mean?

Cotton blend means that fabric is made of cotton and also contains other fibers.

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