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Give that classy vibe to your dinner table with our lace napkins, available in cotton and polyester fabrics.

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Lace Napkins Patterns

Nothing can tie a table decor theme together like the right napkin set. Choose from an array of lace cloth napkin patterns, and place them next to the plates to impress your guests. We offer a wide selection of luncheon, cocktail,and dinner napkin patterns, perfect for any occasion.

From boho napkins to Victorian, and from simple to retro, we have lace napkins to match your personal style—whatever it is. Pink lace with flowers, paisley petals, and black and white doodles are just a few of our most popular designs. Choose your dinner napkin set and pair it with a matching table cloth and runner. 

Our lace handmade napkin designs are soft and comfortable, making them perfect for any occasion! Celebrate Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and all your favorite holidays with the perfectly chosen lace napkins.

Whether you’re going for a shabby chic, elegant, retro, or farmhouse aesthetic, lace napkins can help you achieve it.

Lace Napkins Fabrics

Get your napkin ring and find the perfect lace napkin set for any occasion! Available in cotton and polyester.

Cotton Lace Napkins

Our cotton napkins will last for many seasons and events, and can be paired with matching tablecloths and table runners. Bring elegance to your dining table with our cotton lace napkins!

White cotton lace napkins. Black and pink lace. Vintage cotton designs. You'll find a pattern to match your mood and style.

Polyester Lace Napkins

Your dinner table will be perfectly accented with these warm and inviting polyester lace napkins. If you are hosting an outdoor party, our polyester napkins are a perfect choice.

Commercial grade polyester lace napkins are durable yet elegant and can go perfectly with any holiday decor.

Vintage black abstract, crochet lace, textured lace, white napkins, and swirly floral white lace are just a few of our most popular designs. Find yours and impress your guests from the moment they enter the room!

Festive Lace Napkins

A table napkin set can perfectly tie any themed table decor. We offer many different cloth napkin designs to help you achieve the desired table decor.

For your wedding party, take a look at our wide selection of lace wedding napkins. Impress your guests with perfectly paired napkins with lace sets! If your taste runs to retro, our vintage deco or simple vintage lace napkins can be the right choice for you.

Choose cotton white or Victorian wedding lace sets. Pair them with napkin rings and position them next to your dinner plates and silverware.

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Lace Napkins FAQ

What are the advantages of cotton linen blend fabrics?

A cotton linen blend fabric has many advantages. This combination of fabrics avoids the disadvantages each material has. For example, the softness of cotton resolves the roughness of linen. It wrinkles less and is machine washable.

What is bobbin lace?

Bobbin lace is a lace textile made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread, which are wound on bobbins to manage them.

What is hand embroidery?

Hand embroidery is the art of decorative stitching on fabric with needle and thread. This technique is used for adding decorative elements to accessories, garments, and quilts.

Is burlap lace a good combination for table linens?

Burlap lace is rougher and less sophisticated than cotton lace and polyester lace for table linens.

Do you offer napkin lace doilies?

No, we don’t offer lace napkin doilies. Instead, we have a wide array of cotton and polyester lace napkins for any season and occasion.

Do you offer embroidered lace napkins?

We don’t offer lace embroidered napkins. In our wide selection of lace dinner, luncheon, and cocktail napkins you’ll find many designs to match your taste and style.

Do you offer paper napkins?

No, we don’t offer paper napkins. Our napkins are made of polyester and cotton.

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