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Bring a farmhouse feel to your dining table with these soft cloth napkins.

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Farmhouse Cloth Napkins

Our farmhouse napkin sets are a key ingredient in any farmhouse dining room or kitchen. Luncheon, beverage, and dinner napkins in farmhouse style will round out your table decor and add the rustic touch that’s all the rage.

Yellow city bicycles, French stripes, textured dots, and buffalo check napkins are the perfect way to make your farmhouse table decor stand out.

The farmhouse style is so adaptable that it can be used for almost any occasion. And our farmhouse cloth napkins will help you achieve the desired effect.

For example, check napkins are always a good choice for your Christmas dinner parties. With the right Christmas table runners and tablecloths, you can change the look of your farmhouse decor for this special holiday.

Floral napkins are another great option for farmhouse living or general kitchen decor.

Whether you’re going for a shabby chic, rustic, or modern farmhouse aesthetic, lace napkins are a perennial favorite.

Farmhouse Napkin Fabrics

To complement your event or dinner party decor, choose from polyester or cotton cloth napkins.

Cotton Napkins

Give your tables a rustic touch with our cotton napkins. We have many designs for your farmhouse tables, like watercolors, rustic trees, and strawberry bushes.  

With the right napkin holders and napkin rings, your cotton fabric napkins will make a positive impact on your overall decoration.

Polyester Napkins

Our solid color and patterned napkin designs are perfect for parties and everyday dining alike. The possibilities are endless with our rustic polyester napkin designs.

For example, white is a perfect color for your rustic farmhouse decoration. Mix and match white tablecloths, farmhouse table runners, and rustic napkins to give your table a natural farmhouse feel.

Or, bring the country farmhouse spirit to your tabletop for an easy style upgrade with our cocktail napkins.

Farmhouse Table Linens

Your farmhouse kitchen or dinner table can’t be complete without our farmhouse table linen designs. Unify your home's fashion with the right combination of farmhouse tablecloths, runners, and a cloth napkins set.

When paired with buffalo check napkins and table runners, our stylish rustic tablecloths will add a simple touch of charm to your farmhouse decor.

Our farmhouse napkins come in a variety of colors that match our tablecloths and runners.

Farmhouse Decoration Ideas

Make your dinner table the warmest and most inviting place in your home by decorating it with farmhouse table linens, placemats, table napkins, farmhouse napkin holders, and wooden napkin rings.

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Farmhouse Napkins FAQ

How can I decorate my farmhouse table for the dinner party?

Some of the usual things on your farmhouse table are:

  • Tablecloth
  • Runner
  • Dinner napkin set
  • napkin ring holder
  • table centerpiece
  • wooden napkin holder
  • tableware

Is cotton linen a quality fabric?

Yes, cotton linen is a premium quality fabric. Both cotton and linen are natural fabrics and share the same qualities and features, like durability, absorbency, and thermal properties.

How do you take care of your farmhouse napkins?

All it takes is a good wash in cold water on the gentle cycle, followed by a cold rinse, to keep farmhouse napkins happy. Use a gentle detergent. Then, let the napkin air-dry or finish with an iron until almost dry.

What is better, using cloth or paper napkins?

Cloth napkins are reusable, sustainable, and more stylish than paper napkins. Investing in a good set of quality napkins is always a better long-term decision.

What can I use instead of cloth dinner napkins?

You can use kitchen towels, washcloths, and guest towels instead of cloth napkins. Although all of these can be used instead of cloth napkins, nothing can replace a cloth dinner napkin set.

Do you offer monogrammed napkins?

We don’t offer monogrammed napkins. But you will love our cotton and polyester napkins designed for everyday dining and holiday-themed table decor.

Is linen blend a good fabric for napkins?

If you want a fabric that has a luxurious feel, linen is the way to go. Natural linen is a type of fabric made from flax plants that is valued for its strength and durability. Linen napkins are also absorbent, so they quickly absorb spills. Cotton napkins are less wrinkly than most other materials, making them a better choice for those looking for easy-care cloth napkins.

Are your table linens machine washable?

Yes, all our products are machine washable and durable.

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