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Protect the surface of your table with our cocktail napkins! You’ll find the perfect cocktail napkin set in our collection.

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Cloth Cocktail Napkins

Looking for beverage napkins for your next big party? Get the perfect cloth napkin set and make your table decor stand out. Combine them with matching table linens, and you’re sure to impress your guests.

Our table runners and tablecloths work magic on your party decor. Choose the right design for your napkin set, and start partying. Whether you’re preparing a small family gathering or a big wedding reception, we’ve beverage napkin patterns to match your style.

After purchasing our cloth napkins, you will never think about disposable paper napkins again!

Cocktail Napkin Fabrics

Place our polyester and cotton party napkins next to your dinner plates!

Polyester Napkins

If you’re looking for the perfect napkin set for your outdoor party, consider our polyester napkin designs. From solid colors to animal prints to lace napkins, you’ll find a pattern that matches your taste.

Our polyester tablecloths and runners will complement your party decor. White, gray, sandalwood or peach table linen designs are terrific choices for Christmas, Hanukkah, a wedding day, or a birthday party.

Cotton Napkins

Cotton fabric napkins are good for everyday use and parties alike. Take a look at our cotton napkins to find the set that matches your taste. From Valentine’s Day napkins to fall napkins, there are designs for every home and every style.

Cocktail Napkin Ideas

Our cocktail napkins are perfect for holiday tables and can also be used at a wedding party.

For your wedding reception, take a look at our wedding napkin sets. From hearts and flowers to beige and gold napkins, you’ll find wedding cocktail napkins to complement your ceremony decor.

Browse through our Christmas cocktail napkins and add a seasonal flair to your Christmas table. From snowmen to Christmas trees to holiday ornaments, we offer an array of Christmas napkin designs to help you wish a Merry Christmas to your guests.

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Cocktail Napkins FAQ

What is the point of cocktail napkins?

Cocktail napkins, also called beverage or bar napkins, are usually smaller than dinner napkins and are served with beverages to keep hands dry.

What can I use instead of cloth napkins?

Hand towels, guest towels, tea towels, and tissue paper could be used in place of napkins…but why?. Quality cloth napkins are classy and reusable.

Are paper napkins good for holiday table decor?

Paper napkins can work for holiday table decor, but cloth napkins are durable and more elegant. They are versatile; you can use them for more than one event.

What is a table napkin called?

A table napkin is usually called a serviette, face towelette, or simply a napkin. It is a square of cloth or paper tissue used for wiping fingers and mouth while eating.

Do you offer monogrammed and customized cocktail napkins?

No, we don’t offer custom napkins and monogrammed napkins. Instead, you should take a look at our wide selection of solid color and holiday-themed napkins for every season and occasion.

Are napkin gift sets good for weddings?

Yes, napkin gift sets are terrific for weddings and other occasions as a thank-you gift everyone will appreciate.

What is a mitered corner?

A mitered corner is a crisp fold that tucks a hemmed corner and gives an elegant finishing touch to your napkins.

Are luncheon napkins the same as dinner napkins?

No, luncheon napkins are usually used for brunch or luncheon wedding receptions. Dinner napkins are cloth or paper napkins used at events and as a part of table decoration.

Are cotton or linen napkins better?

Cotton napkins are more absorbent than linen, but linen napkins are more durable and less likely to stain.

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