The Best Napkins For Every Occasion

Choose The Best Napkins For Every Occasion

Quality cloth napkins are a crucial component in the art of table setting. They are functional and decorative, and complement your tablecloth, dinnerware, and other decor. With so many cloth napkin options available, it can be hard to figure out what will work best for you. We give you some suggestions that will help you create a beautiful table setting that your guests will remember.

Types of Napkins

There are many different kinds of napkins, and each one has its own style and use.

  1. Luncheon napkins, also known as cocktail napkins, are typically used for light meals or snacks or to hold a drink.

  2. Dinner napkins: these larger-sized napkins are often folded in intricate designs and are used for more formal occasions such as dinner parties or weddings.

  3. Buffet napkins are larger than cocktail napkins but shorter than dinner napkins. They're frequently used for casual occasions like buffet-style meals or outdoor gatherings.

  4. Tea napkins: these smaller napkins are commonly used for serving tea or coffee and are often paired with a small plate or saucer.

  5. Beverage napkins: beverage napkins, like cocktail napkins, are small-sized napkins used for serving drinks, but they are made of a thicker and more absorbent material.

Cloth napkins come in many types of fabric:

Here are our top picks: the best napkins for all of the special occasions in your life.

Best for Everyday Use

Solid color napkins are extremely versatile, complementing everyday meals and special occasions alike. A good set of beige napkins can be both sophisticated and understated at the same time. They are simple yet effective, and they will easily blend into any home decor.

These everyday napkins go with a wide range of table runners and tablecloths. Other popular solid colors include antique white, antique gold, and russet.

Here are some of our other top choices for everyday meals and dinner parties:

Best for Weddings

These polyester napkins are wrinkle-resistant and durable. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor use. Versatile, too: this wedding napkin set matches a variety of styles, from modern to boho weddings.  

Here are some other great choices from our wedding napkin collection:

Best for Birthday Parties

These giraffe napkins will create a fun and memorable atmosphere for kids and adults alike. The whimsical wildlife honors the fact that there’s something perennially childlike about celebrating birthdays.

Plus, the design is unisex; use it to celebrate the trip around the sun of boys, girls, grandparents, or anyone. If there’s one birthday napkin set that you’ll want in your repertoire, it’s this one.

Other excellent options for your kid’s birthday party include:

Best for Quinceanera

Celebrate your princess’s big 15 with these leopard fur napkins. Animal print designs are always a popular choice for teenage girls, and this one is strikingly effective.


Complement your party decor with some of our quinceanera tablecloths and matching table runners.

Other great quinceanera napkin options:

Best for Baby Showers

For your baby shower, this wildlife cartoon design is about the cutest thing ever. What we like about this napkin set is that it works equally well for both boys and girls. Its playful pattern will bring your baby shower decor to the next level.

Combine it with matching baby shower runners to get the ultimate dose of cuteness.

Other top baby shower napkins:

Best for Bridal Showers

Make your bridal shower special with these blue flower napkins. These geometric, lively patterns will elevate your bridal shower decor and bring a touch of class mixed with fun.

These napkins are made of cotton fabric and are soft and absorbent, meaning you can reuse them for many seasons and occasions.

Other great options from our bridal shower napkin collection:

Best Holiday Napkins

Our holiday table napkins bring a festive vibe to your table. We especially like this holiday light design. Its red and green lights stand out over a white background—the ideal combination of minimalism and cheer for your holiday table.

For more terrific holiday patterns, take a look at our holiday tablecloth collection. And don’t overlook our holiday runners either.

Other excellent holiday napkin options:

Best for Hanukkah

Top off your festival of lights decor with this busy Hanukkah pattern. Its colorful design has all the Hanukkah symbols you love.

We love how this polyester napkin set is machine washable and durable. It’s definitely one of our favorite Hanukkah napkin sets.

Some other original Hanukkah designs:

Best for Christmas

Get in the holiday spirit with this Christmas plaid design. Buffalo check is always in season, and these napkins will brighten even the most joyous occasions.

Truly one of our all-time favorite Christmas napkin designs.

We also love:

Best for Valentine's Day

We’ve never seen anything that captures the essence of Valentine’s Day quite like this hearts design. Whether you’re going all out with your V-Day prep or are keeping it simple, these napkins will up the love quotient of any Valentine’s Day decor.

Definitely our favorite Valentine’s Day napkins of all time.

Some other top choices:

Best for Easter

Complete your Easter table decor with this fun napkin design. Colorful eggs, rabbits, hearts, and flowers are a hit with the kids—or with your inner child.

Combine this napkin set with a tablecloth from our curated Easter tablecloth collection for the ultimate impression.

Our other Easter napkin top choices:

Best for 4th of July

Show your patriotic spirit all year long with this American chessboard napkin set. Everybody loves checks, which is why these are one of the most popular 4th of July napkins in our collection.

This all-American design will add a patriotic touch to your backyard or dinner tables. For a winning combo, match with one of our 4th of July table runners and tablecloths.

Other excellent Independence Day picks:

Best for Thanksgiving

We adore this maple leaf design for its retro minimalism. The maple leaf is a perennial autumnal symbol, and you can honor Thanksgiving without resorting to pilgrim hats and turkeys.

Oh, and these Thanksgiving napkins work well for all fall occasions and gatherings.

Other excellent Thanksgiving designs:

Pair your napkins with a Thanksgiving-themed tablecloth and a runner, and you’ll have a spread they’ll be talking about all year.

Best Floral Napkins

Brighten your home with these colorful floral napkins. Whether your space has neutral or vibrant hues, this design will pop. These cotton table napkins are durable and machine washable—perfect for all seasons and gatherings.

Purple, red, and yellow flowers on a white base set a cheery foundation for your special days and everyday dining.

Some other floral napkin choices:

Best Farmhouse Napkins

If you prefer a farmhouse aesthetic, these geometrical patterns will add just the right amount of zest. We love them for their simple elegance.

This unusual design will serve you well for many types of occasions and the sturdy design will last for many seasons of use.

Other top picks from our farmhouse napkin collection:

Don’t forget to grab some boho or vintage table linens to complete your tablescape.

Best Spring Napkins

Start the season in style with these hydrangea napkins. These napkins will make your table blossom all year long.

Pair these cotton cloth napkins with a runner from our curated spring table runner collection. As a foundation, choose one of our white or spring tablecloths.  

Some other spring napkin top choices:

Best Summer Napkins

Give your table a summer vibe all year long with this summertime design. If you love fruits as much as we do, you’ll adore this summer napkin pattern.

These cloth napkins are a great choice whether you're having a party inside or outside.

We also love:

Best Fall Napkins

We love buffalo check, and we love autumn. This plaid fall design will give your tables just the right amount of retro and classiness. It's the ideal setting for a cozy autumn gathering.

These polyester napkins are ideal for both indoor and outdoor tables. Choose one of our fall tablecloth and table runner designs to complete your decoration.

Other top fall napkin choices:

Best Winter Napkins

Bring a winter wonderland to your home decor with these snowmen napkins. If you love winter and snow, this set is a no-brainer. The simple and stylish pattern will complement any winter table decor you may have.

Check out our winter table runner and winter tablecloth collections for all the linens you need to create the perfect seasonal setting.

Other excellent options from our winter napkin collection:

Unique Napkins

Your family is unique, and so should your table be. Here are some eye-catching napkins to liven up your space.

Browse our entire cloth napkin collection to find the set that fits your family’s unique style.

Napkins FAQ

What is the best material for napkins?

Here are some common fabrics used for napkins, along with their characteristics:

  1. Cotton - soft, durable, and absorbent.

  2. Polyester - strong, wrinkle-resistant, and colorfast.

  3. Linen - elegant and absorbent, but can be expensive and requires special care.

  4. Bamboo - sustainable, naturally antibacterial, and absorbent.

  5. Silk - luxurious and delicate but can be difficult to care for and may not be as absorbent as other materials.

The best material for napkins comes down to personal preference and how they will be used. But cotton and polyester napkins are some of the most popular because they are cheap, last a long time, and are easy to clean.

What are the advantages of using cloth napkins?

Using cloth napkins instead of disposable ones has several advantages:

  1. Environmental sustainability. Because cloth napkins are reusable and do not contribute to waste accumulation in landfills, they are a more sustainable option.

  2. Cost-effectiveness. While cloth napkins are more expensive to purchase than disposable napkins, they can be reused many times and thus save money in the long run.

  3. Aesthetics. Cloth napkins, especially for formal occasions, can add an elegant and sophisticated touch to table settings.

  4. Softness and comfort. Cloth napkins are often softer and more comfortable to use than disposable napkins, making dining more enjoyable.

  5. Versatility. Cloth napkins are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials, making it simple to find the perfect ones to match any occasion or décor.

Is organic cotton a good fabric for napkins?

Organic cotton is an excellent fabric for cloth napkins. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, which could be bad for the environment. This makes it a more eco-friendly and long-lasting choice than regular cotton.

Organic cotton cloth napkins have a number of advantages. It is a soft and comfortable fabric that can improve guests' dining experiences. Also, soft cotton is very good at soaking up liquids, which makes it great for cleaning up spills and other messes.

Another advantage of using organic cotton for cloth napkins is that it is durable and long-lasting. A cloth napkin set made of organic cotton can withstand repeated use and washing, making it a long-term cost-effective option.

Overall, organic cotton is a great choice for fabric napkins because it is soft, absorbent, and long-lasting. It is not only an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice but also a comfortable and high-quality way to eat.

What is the purpose of napkin rings?

Napkin rings are small, decorative hoops or bands used to secure a folded cloth napkin. They are frequently used as a decorative element during formal or special occasions, but they can also be used to add a more polished look to a casual dinner napkin set.

The main purpose of napkin rings is to keep cloth napkins in order on the table. The napkin is kept from falling off the plate or becoming crumpled during the meal by folding it and securing it with a napkin ring. Napkin rings can also add an elegant and sophisticated touch to a table setting, making them a popular choice for special occasions and holidays.

In addition to their practical use, napkin rings can be put on the table to make it look nice. They come in many different materials, like metal, wood, glass, and ceramic. They also come in many different styles and designs to match any home decor or table setting.

What are the different types of cotton fabric for cloth napkins?

There are several different types of cotton fabrics that are commonly used for cloth napkins, each with its own unique characteristics. The following are some of the most common cotton fabrics used for cotton dinner napkins:

  1. Plain weave cotton. The most common type of cotton fabric used for cloth napkins is plain woven cotton. It is a popular choice for everyday use because it is lightweight, durable, and easy to care for.

  2. Twill weave cotton. A cotton fabric with a diagonal pattern that is slightly more formal than plain woven cotton. It is also long-lasting and simple to maintain.

  3. Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth is a heavier weight cotton fabric with a textured basketweave pattern. Because of its elegant appearance, it is frequently used for more formal occasions.

  4. Damask cotton: Damask cotton is a fine fabric with a raised pattern woven into it. It is frequently used for formal occasions and is known for its luxurious appearance and feel.

  5. Jacquard Cotton: This is a type of cotton fabric that has intricate patterns and designs woven into it. It is frequently worn for more formal occasions and can be decorated with a variety of intricate patterns such as paisleys or florals.

What can I use instead of cloth napkins?

If you don't have cloth napkins, there are a few alternatives. Dish towels can be used as an alternative. Most dish towels are made of cotton or linen, which is absorbent and can be folded and used as napkins on the table. You can also use paper towels, which are less absorbent but less expensive.

An alternative to paper towels is to use paper napkins. While paper napkins are disposable, cloth napkins are reusable, making them a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. They are also more fashionable and can add a sophisticated touch to any table setting.

Is linen a good fabric for table linens?

Yes, linen is a great fabric for table linens. Linen is a natural fabric derived from flax fibers that is both absorbent and breathable. This means that linen table linens can absorb spills easily and will not retain odors like other fabrics. Additionally, linen is a strong and durable fabric, making it a great choice for table linens that will be used and washed frequently.

The timeless and classic appearance of white linen tablecloths and napkins can elevate any table setting. Linen table napkins come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to creating a beautiful and stylish table setting.

Overall, linen is a great choice for table linens, whether they're for special occasions or everyday use. With its natural properties and elegant appearance, linen tablecloths and linen napkin sets are sure to impress guests and add a touch of sophistication to any meal.

What are mitered corners on napkins?

A mitered corner is a method of finishing the corner of a fabric edge (which could be a garment, a quilt, a napkin, etc.) without adding bulk. Instead of folding the sides and hems of the fabric on top of each other, which creates bulk, the mitered corner allows the fabric edges to meet at a 45-degree angle.

Are white napkins a good choice for formal dinners?

Choose solid white napkins to give your table the appearance of a fine restaurant or luxury hotel. They go with everything and have a clean, timeless appearance.

Which cotton blend is good for summer?

Cotton linen is an excellent choice for a warm-weather look. Both fibers are highly breathable, absorb a substantial amount of moisture, and have an open weave that allows air to circulate freely within the garment.

What is a linen blend?

Linen blended fabric is a type of linen that has a certain percentage of cotton added to it.

What is flax linen?

Flax linen is a fabric made from the flax plant's fibers. It is a strong, long-lasting, and absorbent fabric that can be used for things like clothing, bedding, and table linens. Flax linen is also popular for its natural texture and lovely drape.

What is a hemmed edge?

A hemmed edge finish is achieved when the seamstress folds over the fabric's edges and sews the fold down, similar to a hem on pants.