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Take your corporate event, backyard barbecue, or summer picnic to the next level with our patriotic tablecloth designs.

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Patriotic Tablecloth Patterns

Add a patriotic touch to your party table with our red, white, and blue table covers. Our large selection of patriotic themed tablecloths will show off your American spirit and love for the country.

From vintage American to geometric to plaid tablecloths, you’ll find a patriotic table cloth to love in our extensive collection.

Try this patriotic puzzle pattern with these all-American napkins for Independence Day. Put little American flags in some glass vases, and you’ll have the most American table setting on the block.

Or, use this patriotic tartan tablecloth as the foundation for your Memorial Day or Labor Day table decor.

Consider using a white striped or American stars tablecloth with a matching table runner and patriotic napkin set for your Independence Day decor.

Still don’t know which tablecloth to choose? We offer an array of tablecloth designs for many events and everyday dining. We have compiled a guide for choosing the best tablecloth for each occasion.

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Independence Day

Polka dot or striped tablecloths with patriotic motifs could also be the perfect base for a 4th of July tablescape.

For example, this chessboard tablecloth paired with a white table runner and red napkins would do wonders at a patriotic party in the park—or on your dining room table.

Or this star design with these vintage patriotic napkins will rouse the American spirit of even the sleepiest relative at your 4th of July luncheon. Make your 4th of July decor stand out with our patriotic table linens.

Browse our 4th of July tablecloths to find the right one!

Labor Day

Celebrate the labor movement and say goodbye to summer with a backyard barbeque complete will all-American tablecloths and napkins.

For example, a white lace tablecloth with these red, white, and blue napkins will get the party going. Add a red table runner for that extra touch.

Memorial Day

Honor the fallen soldiers of the U.S. military with a Memorial Day gathering that includes a meal served on patriotic table linens.

Try a blue plaid or classic red tablecloth then add some chevron napkins to complete your patriotic table decor.

Alternatively, go with a white table runner over this American flag tablecloth with these star-spangled napkins. Top the arrangement off with a patriotic centerpiece and your favorite dinnerware.

Patriotic Table Linens

A patriotic napkin set from our curated napkin collection, along with an all-American table runner and tablecloth takes Independence Day to the next level—or injects that freedom-loving vibe into any occasion.

Whether celebrating July 4th, Memorial Day, or Labor Day or just wanting to show your loyal American spirit, our patriotic table runners and patriotic napkins will kick the American spirit into high gear.

From chevrons to stars and stripes to striped table linens, your party decor will be the talk of the town.

Browse through our collection of party tablecloths to find the perfect look for your Memorial Day or 4th of July decor.

Looking for the right table runner for your next big event? Browse through our table runner collection to find the right runner for your personal aesthetic. For even more design inspiration, we’ve put together a guide to choosing the right runner.

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Patriotic Tablecloths FAQ

What are American patriotic colors?

Red, white, and blue are the United States' patriotic colors. White stands for innocence and purity, red for bravery and strength, and blue for watchfulness, persistence, and justice.


Are red, white and blue tablecloths good for a Memorial Day party?

Yes, since red, white, and blue are American patriotic colors, this color combination is ideal for your Memorial Day party.


How can I get my home decorated for the Independence Day party?

Here are some quick ideas to have your interior ready for celebrating the 4th of July:

  • hang flags
  • use blue and white vases
  • have patriotic candle holders
  • hang red, white, and blue candles
  • use our 4th of July table cloths, runners, and napkins


Which fabric is the best for outdoor tablecloths?

Polyester table covers are the best option for outdoor parties. They’re machine washable, durable, and require easy care.

Make your neighbors jealous with a fun polyester fabric tablecloth from our collection!


Are plastic table covers durable?

Plastic tablecloths are long-lasting, but their edges can be stiffer than those of polyester tablecloths. We think polyester table runners and tablecloths look more elegant than plastic, and they last a very long time.


What is the difference between vinyl and plastic table cloths?

Plastic and vinyl tablecloths are essentially the same. Plastic tablecloths are usually cheaper than vinyl ones. Also, PVC tablecloth material is harder, but vinyl is more wear-resistant.


What is the purpose of table skirts?

A table skirt's primary function is to conceal the table's legs. Most of the time, table legs can detract from the look of an event, especially if the tables don't look good.


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