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Complete your bridal shower party decor with these tablecloths. Round, square, and rectangular table covers to give a festive touch to your party table.

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Bridal Shower Tablecloth Patterns

A good table cloth is an essential item on your list of bridal shower party supplies. Pink butterflies, fire lilies, polka dots, and floral tablecloth designs will keep your table covered while looking incredibly stylish.

We have a variety of party tablecloth designs for your bridal shower decoration, whether you prefer solid color or patterned tablecloths.

Check out these bridal shower table decor combinations.

  • Gold glamor. For a luxurious look, pair a gold tablecloth with matching gold napkins. Add some sparkle with glitter table confetti and finish with simple white floral arrangements.
  • Elegant lace. Create a romantic atmosphere with a white lace tablecloth and matching lace napkins. Silver cutlery and white roses in vases add a touch of elegance.
  • Jacquard chic. For a sophisticated and chic look, pair a jacquard tablecloth with floral napkins. Add some greenery and tall candle holders.
  • Green and white. Keep it simple and fresh with a green table runner over a classy white tablecloth. For a natural and beautiful look, add pops of color with floral napkins and greenery in vases.
  • Floral fantasy. Use a floral tablecloth as the foundation and lay out solid colored napkins in a complementary color. Floral centerpieces in complementary colors will add elegance to the table.


Bridal Shower Tablecloth Shapes

We provide a range of tablecloth shapes and sizes for all types of bridal shower tables. Our square, round, and rectangular tablecloths are stylish and fun.

Round Tablecloths

Our round tablecloths can help make your bridal shower a success by making the atmosphere nice and cozy. The round shape of the table makes it easy for people to talk to each other, making it a great choice for smaller groups.

Here are a few ideas for using our circular tablecloths at your bridal shower:

  1. Rustic charm. Create a rustic and appealing environment by using a round buffalo check tablecloth with simple white floral arrangements and wood slice centerpieces. For a warm touch, add some twinkle lights.
  2. Bohemian vibes. Pair a colorful round tablecloth from our bohemian collection with macrame hanging decor and matching floral arrangements. For a romantic touch, add some dreamcatchers and candles.
  3. Garden party. Use a floral round tablecloth with white napkins to create a garden party atmosphere. To bring the outdoors in, fill vases with greenery and fresh flowers. Finish with tea light candles to create a welcoming atmosphere.


These combinations will create the right atmosphere for your bridal shower tables.

Rectangle Tablecloths

Our rectangular tablecloth collection includes some amazing designs to take your wedding or bridal shower to the next level. By combining them with cloth napkins and table runners, you can achieve an attractive and unified design that makes your guests do a double take.

Here are a few ideas on how to use our rectangle tablecloths in specific layouts and combinations for stunning bridal shower decor:

  1. For a classic and elegant aesthetic, use a rectangular white tablecloth with mint green napkins and a lace table runner. For the final touch, add some candle centerpieces and floral arrangements.
  2. Use a rectangular pink tablecloth with lace napkins and a damask table runner for dramatic effect. Add tall floral centerpieces in complementing colors.
  3. Minimalistic chic. Use a rectangular gray or black tablecloth with white napkins and a green table runner to keep things simple and sleek. For a minimalistic touch, add some potted plants and simple floral arrangements in vases.
  4. For a nostalgic touch, use a rustic tablecloth with pink napkins and a buffalo check table runner. Finish things off with wooden centerpieces and simple floral arrangements in mason jars.


Square Tablecloths

Our square tablecloths are a versatile and functional option for bridal shower and wedding party decor. They can be employed in a variety of ways to create a one-of-a-kind and personalized atmosphere that complements your style and theme.

Here are some ideas for how to use our square tablecloths:

  1. Warm and intimate. Create a pleasant and intimate ambiance for your bridal shower party by using a square tablecloth with bistro napkins. Add some simple flower centerpieces and you’ll have an amazing ambiance.
  2. Use different colored square tablecloths to create a lively and playful atmosphere for your bridal shower. To create a unique and eclectic aesthetic, use mismatched dinner napkins.
  3. Bold and bright. Create a dramatic and vivid mood for your bridal shower or wedding party by using a brilliantly colored square tablecloth with a contrasting table runner.
  4. Elegant and formal. Create an elegant and formal aesthetic by using a square white or antique white tablecloth with a matching table runner and dinner napkins. Add tall floral centerpieces in complementary colors for an imposing appearance.


More Bridal Shower Table Decoration Ideas

No bridal party is ready without the right bridal shower table decor. Whether your bride is looking for a Paris romance, a tea party, or any other party theme, there are plenty of bridal shower decoration ideas to consider.

To add a personal touch to the bridal shower party, things like table linens, glassware, table settings, and place cards should all reflect the theme.

Here’s an idea: choose a lace tablecloth and pair it with a runner from our bridal shower table runner collection and napkin sets. Choose your favorite dinnerware, get a pretty table centerpiece, and add some party favors to finish your decor party.

Here are some more bridal shower decor ideas:

  • Balloon garlands. Make an eye-catching balloon garland in the bride-to-favorite be's colors. Hang it up behind a photo area or behind the dessert table.
  • Put up a fun photo booth area complete with personalized decorations and backdrops to capture memorable moments.
  • Make DIY flower arrangements for centerpieces using the bride-to-favorite be's flowers.
  • To create a lush and natural ambience, hang some greenery garlands or individual stems of foliage from the ceiling or chandeliers.
  • Make a dessert table with the bride-to-favorite be's delicacies and sweets, such as macarons, cupcakes, and chocolates.
  • Incorporate some rustic accents, such as buffalo check napkins, wooden signs, and mason jar centerpieces.
  • Include personalized place cards, bespoke napkins, and charming favors for visitors to take home.
  • With fresh or silk flowers, make a lovely floral wall backdrop for the gift opening area or photo booth.
  • Create a fun and engaging drink station by setting up a DIY mimosa bar with a selection of drinks, fruits, and bubbly.
  • Use lace tablecloths, gold or silver embellishments, and towering floral centerpieces to create an elegant and sophisticated table setting.


These ideas will create an unforgettable bridal shower for the bride-to-be and her guests.


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Bridal Shower Table Cloths FAQ


How do you decorate a bridal shower?

Here are some ideas on how to decorate for a bridal shower party:

  1. Choose a theme. A themed bridal shower is an excellent way to ensure that the event has a consistent look and feel. Garden parties, tea parties, beach parties, and vintage are all popular themes.
  2. Flowers. Flowers are a traditional bridal shower decoration. Make beautiful centerpieces and floral arrangements with fresh or silk flowers in pink, white, and green.
  3. Balloons. Balloons are an inexpensive and fun way to add color and festivity to your bridal shower. To create a playful and festive atmosphere, use balloons in a variety of colors and shapes.
  4. Lighting. Lighting can have a significant impact on the mood of a party. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, consider using string lights, lanterns, or candles.
  5. Table settings. Table settings are an important part of any bridal shower. To create an elegant and sophisticated look, use tablecloths, placemats, and napkins in sage green, white, or blush pink.
  6. Dessert table. Make a lovely dessert table using a variety of sweet treats such as cupcakes, macarons, and cookies. Use cake stands, trays, and other decorative elements to present the desserts in an appealing manner.
  7. Photo booth. Set up a photo booth with props and backdrops to encourage guests to take entertaining and memorable photos.
  8. Personal touches. Personalize the party with custom signage, place cards, and favors. These can be simple DIY projects that add a personal touch to the occasion.


Remember, the most important thing is to have a good time and make the event memorable for the bride-to-be and her guests!


What can you use as a bridal shower table centerpiece?

Here are some creative and wonderful ideas for your bridal shower table centerpiece:

  • cluster of vases with flowers
  • serving trays with flowers
  • floating candles and flowers
  • hanging lights
  • cute umbrella in a vase
  • paper flowers


What should you put in the bridal shower favor bags?

Some of the most popular bridal shower favors are:

  • lip balms
  • candles
  • treats
  • key chains
  • honey jars
  • succulents
  • tea
  • coffee
  • bath bombs


What are some ideas for baby shower themes?

Here are some interesting baby shower party themes you can use:

  • Animal adventure. This theme is ideal for animal enthusiasts. Create a safari-inspired look with animal prints and decorations.
  • Nautical. A nautical theme is ideal for a baby boy's nursery. Decorate in blue and white with anchors, sailboats, and other sea-themed items.
  • Princess. This is a lovely theme for a little girl. Decorate in pink and purple with tiaras, castles, and other princess-themed items.
  • Woodland. A woodland theme is ideal for a gender-neutral baby shower. Decorate in green and brown with trees, leaves, and other forest-themed items.
  • Rainbow. A rainbow theme is ideal for a gender-neutral baby shower. Make use of bright and colorful decorations, such as rainbows and clouds.
  • Bookworm. This theme is ideal for a baby shower in which guests are encouraged to bring their favorite children's book. Decorate with items inspired by classic children's books.
  • Brunch. A brunch theme is ideal for an early-morning baby shower. Serve breakfast foods such as pancakes and waffles and decorate in the style of a breakfast nook.
  • Bohemian. This theme is ideal for a free-spirited expectant mother. To achieve a boho look, use earthy tones, floral prints, and dreamcatchers.
  • Vintage. A vintage theme is ideal for a baby shower themed after the past. To create a nostalgic atmosphere, use antique decorations and vintage baby items.
  • Sports. This theme is ideal for a baby shower where the parents-to-be enjoy sports. Decorate with items inspired by their favorite sports team or sport.
  • Travel. This is an excellent theme for a baby shower for parents who enjoy traveling. Decorate with items inspired by different countries and cultures.
  • Floral. A floral theme is ideal for a spring or summer baby shower. To create a beautiful and cheerful atmosphere, use bright and colorful floral decorations.
  • Tea party. A tea party theme is ideal for a more sophisticated and elegant baby shower. To achieve a vintage-inspired look, use delicate tea cups and saucers as well as floral teapots.
  • Twinkle twinkle little star. This theme is ideal for a baby shower for a future star. Decorate with items inspired by the night sky and stars.
  • Circus. This theme is ideal for a playful and whimsical baby shower. Use bright and colorful decorations along with circus-themed foods such as popcorn and peanuts.


Where else can I use my bridal shower decoration?

Here are some ideas on how you can reuse your bridal shower decorations:

  1. Wedding anniversary party. Repurpose your bridal shower decorations for your wedding anniversary party. You can recreate a romantic ambiance and reminisce about your special day by using the same color scheme and decorations.
  2. Engagement party. If you have recently engaged friends or family members, consider reusing your bridal shower decorations for their engagement party. You can help them celebrate their new engagement by creating a cohesive theme.
  3. Birthday party. Create a fun and festive atmosphere by reusing the same balloons, banners, and tablecloths.
  4. Baby shower. If you or a friend is expecting a child, repurpose your bridal shower decorations for the baby shower. You can make a beautiful and memorable event by adding some baby-themed decorations.
  5. Wedding reception. If your wedding reception is small or intimate, consider reusing the decorations from your bridal shower. This can save you money while also creating a consistent theme between the two events.
  6. Graduation party. If you or a loved one is graduating from high school, you can reuse your bridal shower decorations for the graduation party. Simply remove any bridal shower references and replace them with graduation-themed decorations.
  7. Housewarming party. If you or a friend has recently moved into a new home, repurpose your bridal shower decorations for the housewarming party. You can help them celebrate their new home by creating a warm and welcoming environment. to
  8. Holiday party decorations. You can dress it up with festive decorations to make it a fun and memorable event for your friends and family.
  9. Rehearsal dinner. If you're planning a wedding rehearsal dinner, consider reusing your bridal shower decorations. This can help tie the two events together and set the tone for your wedding day.
  10. Garden party. If you like to entertain outside, repurpose your bridal shower decorations for a garden party. You can enjoy the company of your friends and family while creating a beautiful and relaxing environment.


What are plastic table skirts used for?

Plastic table skirts wrap around the edge and block the table legs from view. They are usually used as part of wedding decorations.

However, investing in a polyester cloth wedding tablecloth can also improve the look of your wedding table. Polyester tablecloths are not only more durable than plastic table skirts, but they are also more sustainable, reusable, classier, and, most importantly, more effective.


Can disposable plastic tablecloths be washed?

Yes, disposable plastic tablecloths can be washed in your washing machine using cold water, a mild detergent, and a gentle cycle.


Are sequin table runners and tablecloths elegant?

For those who love luxurious table decorations, sequin tablecloths and runners could be a perfect choice. If you want something less sparkling, take a look at our elegant table linen collection. You will surely find something to match your deluxe taste.


Where can I use chiffon table runners?

Chiffon table runners look great with vintage-inspired table decorations. Their soft flow and shiny sheen immediately add a touch of romance and elegant beauty. As a result, they're also great for tablecloths, chair covers, DIY crafts, and wedding favors.


Do you offer paper tablecloths?

No, we don’t offer paper tablecloths. Instead, you should take a look at our wide selection of cotton and polyester tablecloths for any occasion.


Do you offer gauze and cheesecloth table runners?

We don’t offer cheesecloth and gauze table runners. However, we offer an array of polyester and cotton table runner designs for every home and every season.


Is it better to use polyester or disposable tablecloths for your party?

Disposable table cloths have their advantages, but they cannot really compare with good quality polyester tablecloths. Choose the right one from our collection of polyester party table cloths and complete your decoration.

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