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Make your table elegant with our lace tablecloth designs for round, square, and rectangular tables.

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Elegant Lace Table Cloths

Looking for elegant lace table overlays? Check out our wide selection of lace tablecloths for rectangular, square, and round tables. From modern to vintage, we’ve got every style and every home covered!

Whether you’re hosting a wedding party or looking for a dining table cover, our lace tablecloths are sure to impress everyone. From floral lace to white lace to vintage lace, you will find a tablecloth to match your taste.

Pair your table cloths with the matching table runners and the right set of lace napkins for the ultimate impact.

Lace Tablecloth Shapes

Whether you are looking for square, round, or rectangle tablecloths, we have them all.

Rectangular Tablecloths

We offer an array of lace rectangle tablecloths for your rectangular table! Floral, Victorian, and crochet lace designs can bring any rectangle table at your holiday party to life.

If you prefer vintage tablecloth designs, our pink lace with flowers or lace swirls designs are sure to make an impression.

Square Tablecloths

Our wide selection of square tablecloths can complement any tabletop decor. Choose matching lace table runners and napkins, and your party is ready to begin.

Whether your taste runs to pink or black lace, we have got you (and your kitchen dining table) covered! From vintage to modern designs, our lace square tablecloths will impress anyone.

Round Tablecloths

Scope out our round lace tablecloths and make your round table stylish. Black abstract lace, pink lace, and floral round lace tablecloths are some of the most popular patterns. You will find what you are looking for!

If you prefer a vintage style, our white lace tablecloth options should be perfect.

Lace Tablecloth Fabric

Lace fabric is popular for wedding parties and other elegant events. We offer lace tablecloth designs made of polyester and cotton.

Polyester Lace

If you are looking for table linen designs for your outdoor party, don’t miss our polyester table covers. Lace polyester table covers will look timelessly elegant, indoors and outdoors.

Give that shabby chic look to your party decor and impress your guests. Black abstract, textured lace, stylized roses, and paisley petals are a few of our best-selling polyester lace patterns.

Cotton Lace

Cotton lace table overlays will protect your table and make a statement. From pink to black lace and from textured to flower designs, you will find a cotton lace pattern to start your party decor.

Festive Lace Tablecloths

Choose the right tablecloth decor for your wedding table and impress your guests from the moment they enter the party. Crochet tablecloths are always a good choice for wedding table decor. For a simple decoration, choose some of our rustic tablecloth designs that are sure to match your unique style.

Cover your table for your Christmas party with one of our Christmas lace tablecloth designs.

If you are hosting a Halloween party, our bat lace pattern will make a statement.

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Lace Tablecloths FAQ

How do you clean a lace tablecloth?

Hand washing with cold water is the best way to clean your lace tablecloth. Machine washing, even on a gentle cycle, can harm your delicate lace.

Are lace table cloths out of style?

Lace tablecloths are not out of style. Lace is a timeless, classic aesthetic that people like to come back to.

Do you offer floral embroidered lace designs?

We don’t offer lace embroidered designs. Instead, take a look at our wide selection of colorful lace designs for every occasion.

Do you sell velvet and vinyl lace tablecloths?

We don’t sell vinyl and velvet tablecloths. Browse through our collection of polyester, stretch, and cotton tablecloths available for square, round, and rectangular tables.

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